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Escape from the Woo Zoo: The Questions Keeping me Awake During Nap Time

This story is reposted from my blog. I was a child of Atheist parents. I, like all other children, came into the world with no concept of God whatsoever. I was unaware of my parent’s lack of belief for some time, though. When I was… well, I don’t remember at …

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Creationists Turn to Lolita, or, Butterflies! How do they work?

You would think creationists would be trying to ban Lolita, not associate themselves with its author. You know that the Discovery Institute is down on its luck when they attempt to gain credibility by counting the author of Lolita among their number. You know that they’re even more down on their …


In Defense of the State of Being Single

or, Accept that There is Nothing Shameful in the Lack of a Frivolous, Empty Relationship, and Enjoy your Life! Note: I wrote this article for publication in my school newspaper. Thus, a paragraph I had about masturbation was condemned to oblivion. Just remember that if lack of sex is your …