Day of Silence.

Yesterday, at my school, there was an event called, “Day of Silence.” Organized by the GLOW club (Gay-Straight alliance). The day before yesterday, I was asked to participate in the Day of Silence by one of my friends. Since I am a gay rights supporter and since I’ve wanted to …

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Youth Group with Baptists

If you  recall from my very first post here on Teen Skepchick, A Weenie Roast with Baptists (if you don’t recall because you haven’t read it I suggest you do before reading this) where I described an up-close and personal encounter with a group of people that were my political …

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The War on Splenda.

Splenda (or Sucralose) is a sucrose based no calorie sweetener. Splenda and other no calorie sweeteners are becoming increasing available in various foodstuffs and restaurants because they provide the sweetness of sugar with none of the calories. I use Splenda in tea and in recipes in place of sugar. Some …


Three Wolves Howling at the Moon T-shirt.

Follow this link and watch the video. Follow this link and read the testimonials. You couldn’t satire it if you tried. It’s hard to tell weather these people are extremely self diluted or comic geniuses. Maybe a little bit of both. It’s just a random cheesy t-shirt but for some …

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Probiotics: Boost or Bunk?

I’m sure everyone reading this has heard of probiotics. It’s in your yogurt, it’s in your cereal, it’s in kid’s juice box straws. But what is it? The companies putting this stuff into every food you can imagine would have you believe it’s a power pack for your immune system …

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A Weenie Roast with Baptists

Hello, I’m a new blogger here on Teen Skepchick. I’ve never seriously blogged before but I hope my posts will be reasonably interesting and maybe we can have a few laughs, too. I’d like to tell you about a very interesting weenie roast I had with my friend’s church group. …