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Escape From the Woo Zoo: My Total Perspective Vortex, and Aiding and Abetting Others

In my second year as a biology student at the University of South Carolina, I begun to get my feet wet in courses beyond the standard BIO 101, 102, 110, and 120. That first semester, I took courses on molecular biology, evolutionary biology, organic chemistry, and what would prove to …

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Escape From the Woo Zoo

My first escape from the Woo Zoo, and the birth of my interest in science and skepticism, came in fifth grade. I had one of those teachers that every child loves to have, both because she was so nice, and because she was easily steered into tangents from the lesson …



Yes, there’s another new Skepchick on the block! While not a teen, and dating myself with the title (target audience frowns in confusion, not getting the reference… maybe a good thing), I’m very excited to be on board with Teen Skepchick as a new writer and contributor. So a little …