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Dear Sasquatch: If we dream we die, do we actually die?

Dear Sasquatch: Is it true that if you die in your dreams, you will die for real? Like have a heart attack or something? —Pari S.


DNA Proof of Bigfoot!

Melba Ketchum, a veterinarian and founder of DNA Diagnostics, has put out a press release claiming to have evidence that “confirms the existence of a novel hominin hybrid species, commonly called ‘Bigfoot’ or ‘Sasquatch,’ living in North America.” Ketchum has been making claims along these lines for years, but she …

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Dear Sasquatch: Are Synthetic Fibers Dangerous to My Health?

Dear Sasquatch,   I have come across information on the internet that says that I should only buy clothing made out of natural material such as cotton. Apparently polyester, rayon, or anything else will give me cancer and/or other health problems or that synthetic fibers are dangerous because they are treated with …

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Dear Sasquatch: Are Alpha Waves Relaxing?

Dear Sasquatch: One of my teachers played music in our class that was supposed to increase the alpha waves in our brains. He said this would relax us and make us more creative. Since we were all lying down while listening, I admit that it was relaxing. I got a …

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Dear Sasquatch: Are Near-Death Experiences Real?

Dear Sasquatch: My grandma had a heart attack last year, and she told me recently that she actually died for several minutes and floated above her body, watching the doctors try to bring her back. She even saw the light at the end of the tunnel and my grandpa there. …

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Dear Sasquatch: Do Antioxidants Prevent Disease?

Dear Sasquatch: My mom is trying to get us all to eat healthier, so she stopped buying junk food (sob!) and she bought a bunch of supplements. I can understand the vitamins, but aren’t antioxidants for aging? I’m only 17. She said they prevent all kinds of diseases. Is that …

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Dear Sasquatch: Firewalking

Dear Sasquatch: My mom and my brother went to one of those Unleash the Power of Your Mind seminars, where they have people walking on hot coals. They said it was a whole “mind over matter” thing. I told them I thought the coals were probably not that hot or …

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Dear Sasquatch: Do Energy Drinks Work?

Dear Sasquatch: Sometimes, when I have to stay up late . . . studying, I drink energy drinks, and they seem to keep me awake. I’ve tried a bunch of them. Some work better than others. Even the 5-Hour Energy, which I thought would be bunk, actually works, especially the …