Interview with Sasquatch, Part 3

This is the final installment of our interview with Sasquatch. (Part 1 is here and part 2 here.) In this segment, Sasquatch discusses the sport of extreme tumble-weeding, what he does when he needs medical care, how he writes with his huge hands, and the secret identities of some relatives. …

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Dear Sasquatch: Déjà vu

Dear Sasquatch: My girlfriend and I were talking about déjà vu experiences, and she says they are proof that humans have innate ESP abilities that we just have to develop. Do you think this is possible? Is déjà vu a form of precognition? —Alison P.

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Dear Sasquatch: Ouija Boards

Dear Sasquatch: Some friends and I were playing around with a Ouija Board the other night, just for fun, but it actually started moving around on its own. And some of the answers were things that were totally private. For example, my friend jokingly asked if I was going to …

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Dear Sasquatch: OMG, Vaseline Cancer!

Dear Sasquatch: I have been using Vaseline on my lips and skin for years. I’m a student, and it’s so much cheaper than all the expensive products out there. But a few people have told me it causes cancer. Are they right? —Jen K.