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Suspension of Disbelief: The Imitation Game

Cross posted from Coffeefied, Operafied, Fluffified, Beglittered. Alan Turing is my hero.  He is the intellectual progenitor of my science, a war hero who never held a gun, a rallying cry for the injustices perpetrated against LGBT folk, and an all-around amazingly smart yet tragic person. Some time back, someone …


The Inevitable Judgment Against Phones

It is my completely anecdotal experience that it is impossible to not be judged for one’s smartphone choices.  Bashing people for looking at their phones instead of the world around them seems to be a thing that memes are made of. There’s also a fun phenomenon of OMG WOMEN WITH …

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Depending on What you Mean by Love

There’s a great line in Madama Butterfly, after Pinkerton is asked if he actually loves his newly purchased (literally, for 100 yen) Japanese wife, and he replies “Well, it depends on what you mean by love.”   Of course, the point is to continue to illustrate what a truly terrible person …


Millennials Don’t Vote, And For Good Reason

So I want to talk about this article in Mother Jones, and how awful it is. Basically, it blames millennials for the Democrats losing so many elections. If only young people voted en masse, the article says, we could have won! It doesn’t matter how bad the candidates were, or …

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Suspension of Disbelief: Nimona

Do you like cool ladies? Do you like cool shapeshifter ladies? Do you like flawed ladies? Do you like scientist ladies? Do you like DRAGONS??? Then Nimona might just be for you. Okay I’m intrigued manatee, you’ve got my attention with the mention of dragons, but what exactly is Nimona? …


How Best to Be Pleasingly Decorative to Complete Strangers: Facial Expression Edition

It has come to my attention that “resting bitch face” or “bitchy resting face” is an expression and that it describes an undesirable thing.  I think, as usual, I’m behind the times on this, but I heard it for the first time only recently.  I react to it about the …


Cryptophile: Werewolves

Welcome to cryptophile, the series in which I discuss fantastical creatures and the biological mechanisms that might or might not make them plausible. Today we’re going to tackle werewolves, a group of extremely sexy men that fall in love with babies at first sight. Or, if you’re not reading Twilight, …

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Cryptophile: Griffins

Here at the Skepchick network we love using magical creatures as an excuse to talk about biology. I did it at TS with Tolkien’s giant eagles, Mad Art Lab did it with dragons, and, because it was so much fun, I’ve decided to run with it and start a series …