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Guest Post: Your Mental Illness Doesn’t Have to Define You

A guest post from Alex Hoyle: When I was 12, my school psychiatrist suggested to me that I might have mental health issues. I'd been seeing her in secret after a particularly bad period of teenage angst. Not the regular kind of teenage angst, you understand, the one where you …

Guest Posts

Guest Post: Exoplanets and the Scientific Possibility of Alien Life

A guest post from Aurora Vesper: I always get excited when I hear about a new discovery of an exoplanet and its possibilities in the news or through the grapevine. As someone long captivated by scientific explanations and discoveries that push the boundaries of our knowledge and our ability to …

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Guest Post: An Evidence-Based Approach to Rape as a Societal Ill

A guest post by Aurora Vesper: Our culture has a problem with rape myths. They’re pervasive, they’re anti-feminist, they encourage victim-blaming, and, perhaps most importantly, they’re false. They are more akin to superstitions than they are anything else. What am I talking about? I’m talking about these ideas we have …