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Therapy Woo

Last week I started reading a book suggested by my therapist called Eating In the Light of the Moon. She told me that it “might get past your rational side and speak to you from an emotional place”. Well it certainly didn’t speak to me from any rational place, but …

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Circumcision and HIV AIDS

In African News… Zimbabwe has decided to fight the scourge of HIV AIDS by ensuring that their cabinet ministers are all circumcised. In fact they have quite the drive on circumcising men at the moment and according to this article are hoping to reach at least 5MIL people through their …

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Science: it’s just a thing. Not a girl thing.

As hinted in our Reality Checks today, the EU has launched a campaign to convince girls to get into science. I’ve visited their website, and it’s not completely off-base. The profiles of women in science are a good idea. But the video teaser they’ve released is horrendous and offensive.

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Quick Hit: Feminist Frequency

For those of you who do not compulsively follow internet news (ahem, not that I do–I work 8 hours a day), you may not be aware of the Feminist Frequency videos and the violent reaction they have caused in the gaming and comic book communities. Anita Sarkeesian has made several …

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A Teenskepchick In China

Last Thursday I arrived in China for my summer stay. I’m doing a language course until June 21st and then research for the rest of the summer. The trip so far, while short, has been full of ups and downs and a lot of “wtf!?” moments… especially when I was …

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Britain Hates Pornography

Those of you who live in the UK/keep up with its politics, will probably be aware of what a shoddy job the current Prime Minister is doing of representing the citizens of the arguably half-decent country he runs. This isn’t surprising considering that the man has spent his life in …

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An A-Z of ADHD

Cast your mind back to the distant year of 1999. It was the year that featured the introduction of the Euro, the launch of, and most importantly, the release of Sonic Adventure for the Sega Dreamcast, a move which ushered in a new renaissance for videogaming, and ensured Sega’s …

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Neutral Words in Gendered Advertising

There are a lot of products that specifically market to one gender demographic over the other. I’ve noticed over my years of exposure to television and advertising that certain words aren’t directly associated with one gender or the other, but are sometimes exclusively used in advertising geared at one or …