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The Science of Laughter

I love comedy, and I love science. And I love it when those two things are put together. Here’s a selection of shows where they do just that:

Hell for you!
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Religion, Memes and Circular Logic: How Religion Invades People’s Minds

A theme that often comes up in religious debates — often with fellow non believers of some stripe and practically never with traditionalists or mainstream believers — is the idea that religion isn’t really harmful. Furthermore, there is the idea that religion isn’t really what motivates people. In this view, religion does …

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Discourse Across Belief: Respecting The Ethics of the Other

I recently saw a blog post that said “God loves good atheists more than evil Christians”. This may seem really logical to the people reading this blog, but it garnered some anger from a few of the religious blogs I follow. They responded with something along the lines of “why …

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Breaking Down Gender

Like many of you out there in college, I've been spending a lot of my time writing papers, and every now and then I hit across a topic that I write on that I think would actually be perfect as a blogpost on Teen Skepchick. That happened recently when I …

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Patriarchy in the Bible

Earlier today I was in a class about the Hebrew prophets and we were looking at a feminist critique of Hosea (for the basic picture of the book, read Chapters 1 and 2) that suggested that the metaphor of Israel as an unfaithful wife and God as a righteously angry …


Praxis and Thought

As a blogging site, I often wonder how much good we here at Teen Skepchick are doing. Is our readership up? How many people are starting conversations based on our posts? Are we posting about important things? But there is also a more fundamental question that’s been plaguing lately about …

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Spheres of Knowledge: The Tools for the Job

As I begin the new semester, I’m starting to see the things that will occupy my mind for the next few months and I can tell that one of those this semester will be “How do we learn things? What methods are appropriate to learn? Does science have supremacy/give us …


Moralism and Morality

It is the beginning of a new semester here in collegeland and I am really excited to start sharing with all you lovely readers the things I’m thinking about as I read and discuss and learn and all those delightful things we do in academia.