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Escape From The Woo Zoo: The More You Read, The More Things You Will Know

I spoke in my last Escape from Woo Zoo about a recent event that confirmed my non-faith in the supernatural. But the truth is, my journey into Skepticism started earlier. Much, much earlier.

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Logic Me This: Begging the Question

Welcome back to Logic Me This! Begging the Question is one of my pet peeve fallacies, in that many people misuse the term. A lot. So I am here to dispel all the rumors and give you the philosophical/logical definition of begging the question.

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Draw Muhammad Day!

I am unforgivably late in posting this, but today is Draw Muhammad Day! If you are unfamiliar with this day, you should watch the video embedded below. Suffice it to say that a few years ago a Danish newspaper published a cartoon of Muhammad, the prophet on which Islam is …


An Atheist’s Awe

Recently in one of my philosophy classes we took up the question of whether an atheist could be part of a recitation of the Quran and take any meaning out of it. Many of the answers from theists in the class seemed to assume that there is an innate goodness …

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Don’t worship me, bro!

I’ve recently run across a video called “Dear Women,” put out by a group called Conscious Men. The video is embedded below. I should say now that I appreciate the sentiment of the video. I really do. Women have been systematically excluded from positions of power and been sexually exploited …


It just feels right…

Recently in a number of my classes we’ve been talking about various incarnations of the argument from appearances. This isn’t really a formal logical argument, but it does come up often. If something appears, or feels very strongly to be the case, is that reason enough to believe it is? …


Good Without God?

For those atheistical children in the crowd, I know that something that can be relatively confusing as you’re trying to sort out yourself and your identity is morality. And as atheists, we hear a great deal from the religious folk that God is necessary in order to have a serious …