On Encouraging that Pesky Youth Vote

‘Tis the season of elections, and of handwringing over those damn kids these days who are too apathetic or whatever to get out and vote.  Rather than rail about the horrors of Kids These Days (TM) I have a few suggestions about things that would make me more excited to …


Millennials Don’t Vote, And For Good Reason

So I want to talk about this article in Mother Jones, and how awful it is. Basically, it blames millennials for the Democrats losing so many elections. If only young people voted en masse, the article says, we could have won! It doesn’t matter how bad the candidates were, or …

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Why the Green Party Lost My Vote

So, it’s a big day here in the UK. Okay, it’s no bigger or smaller than any other day, but there are some local elections going on, and I found myself falling victim to my own lack of research. I know, I know, I’m a hypocrite, but hear me out. …