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Dear Sasquatch: Déjà vu

Dear Sasquatch: My girlfriend and I were talking about déjà vu experiences, and she says they are proof that humans have innate ESP abilities that we just have to develop. Do you think this is possible? Is déjà vu a form of precognition? —Alison P.

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Science Sunday: The Reason for the Season

As I’m writing this it’s late evening, and I have been spending a few days at home. Funny thing is, even though I’m going to bed soon, the Sun isn’t setting. Actually, it won’t set for at least another month. During that time, it will circle the sky, dip a …


Weird Coincidences

“Luck is probability taken personally.” —Chip Denman Have you ever received a call or a text from someone you were just thinking about? Maybe even someone you haven’t been in touch with for a while? Have you ever dreamed about something before it happens? Or run into someone you know …

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Beccy’s Adventures in America-land…

… And the sciency stuff I encountered there. Of course, I was largely there for three things; culture, theme parks, and the best steak ever. But along the way I found myself looking out for pseudoscientific naughtiness- in a foreign land for a change!


Official Sitcom of Skeptics?

Every Monday night (when I do not have a test or other school assignment that needs doing) I sit down with a glass of chocolate silk milk, kick back and geek out to watch ABC’s “The Big Bang Theory.” After the opening scene cracks me up, I get treated to …

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Everyday pseudoscience

After I explain skepticism and why I believe in it, people usually say: But doesn’t everyone know that energy healing isn’t real? Who actually believes in UFOs, except for the mentally ill? What’s the purpose of fighting the battle of ignorance against a small minority of lunatics? Then I usually …

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"Strange" Rock

Look everybody! It’s a strange rock! Well, folks. I suppose we were wrong about aliens. Roswell has been contacted by extraterrestrials again. The Roswell Daily Record is reporting that they’ve found a “strange rock” that is raising questions.