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Tracts in the Mail

As Olivia taught us recently in her DBT series, sometimes there are simply no pros to outweigh the cons of saying certain things to one’s relatives.  One such situation is the way that my very Christian grandparents keep sending me tracts and handwritten notes attempting to convert me.  Fortunately, they …

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Depending on What you Mean by Love

There’s a great line in Madama Butterfly, after Pinkerton is asked if he actually loves his newly purchased (literally, for 100 yen) Japanese wife, and he replies “Well, it depends on what you mean by love.”   Of course, the point is to continue to illustrate what a truly terrible person …

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The Ethics of Doing Business with the Religious

It’s easy to point at the people who refuse to make wedding cakes for gay couples and discuss their lack of professional ethics.  Things just became less easy for me because, in my capacity as a professional dancer, I have just been hired to perform for a religious organization that …

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If Proselytizing Speech Were Held to the Standards of Advertising Speech

I collect religious tracts, but with rules.  They must be given to me by someone in a way that implies that giver thinks something is really wrong with me.  Preferably with as much condescension as possible.   “Here, I think you need this” is good.  Left taped to my door …

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A Mandatory Love for Babies

Olivia’s musings on the social unacceptability of not desiring children has inspired me to write about much the same thing. I used to be a fundamentalist (lite) Christian.  I was bad at it.  Mostly, I was really bad at feeling the emotions I was supposed to feel.  I tried really …

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International Aid to Uganda in Light of Human Rights Violations

An earlier version of this article was published at In Tanzania.  With Coffee.  In response to recent virulently anti-gay laws passed in Uganda, a lot of nations are cutting off aid to Uganda, or considering doing so.  I don’t think this is a particularly good response.  More to the point, …

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Hope for the Aftermath of the Creation “Museum” Fundraiser Debate

Like many others, I am not thrilled about tonight’s Ham vs Nye debate. Others have expressed reasons far better than I can, the most cogent, in my opinion, being that no matter what happens, Ken Ham has won by being able to pocket all the money to support his “museum” …

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The implications of Santa’s race

In a shining moment of generosity that many of you have probably heard of by now, unless you avoid Fox News and all mention of it like the plague-filled hovel that it is (and you’re probably better off for the effort), Megyn Kelly has declared Santa Claus to be all …