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Happy Banned Books Week!

Here in the U.S.A, the last week of September is always Banned Books Week. This campaign, started 13 years ago by the American Library Association, is designed to raise awareness about censorship and encourage everyone, particularly kids, to expand their horizons and read books that others find questionable enough to …

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Ever Had The Feeling There Is Something Bigger Out There?

Minutephysics is a really cool YouTube channel that, as the name suggests, explains really cool physics principles, simply, in just a minute. Check out this one about Dark Matter.

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In which we subtly brag about how well-read we are

Now that summer is upon us, we here at Teen Skepchick thought we would put together a summer reading list, full of some of our favorite books. Believe me, the list is not exhaustive. It was certainly a chore for us to narrow our recommendations down to two or three. We …