You can create galleries and portfolios using the powerful [posts] shortcode that comes with buddy. Below are a few examples of what you can do with the shortcode, but it is capable of doing much more. For all the shortcode options click here.


Gallery Example 1

[posts name="gal1" cols="5" per_page="5" excerpt_length="0" meta="false" title_size="12" image_wrap="false"]


Gallery Example 2


[posts name="gal2" per_page="2" excerpt_length="600" image_width="553" image_height="200"]


Gallery Example 3

[posts name="gal3" cols="3" per_page="6" excerpt_length="200" read_more="false" image_width="340" image_height="200" meta="false" pagination="false" image_wrap="false"]


Gallery Example 4

[posts name="gal1" cols="3" per_page="6" excerpt_length="100" meta="false" title_size="14" title_font="Helvetica, Arial" image_width="50" image_height="50" image_wrap="true" spacing="spacing-small" pagination="false"]