• Katherine Johnson, NASA mathematician, dies at 101 – Her NYT obituary opens with, “They asked Katherine Johnson for the moon, and she gave it to them.”

    Harvey Weinstein couldn’t reverse Me Too – “Before Me Too, […]

    • The line about there not being precedent to believe 6 women’s testimony, especially when it was an open secret in Hollywood, just makes me want to puke….

  • Scientists grow “yarn” out of human skin cells – Yes, this is exactly as gross/cool as you think it is. The researchers say it,  “…could be used by surgeons to close wounds or assemble implantable skin […]

  • Ayanna Pressley lends her voice to a collection of essays by sexual assault survivors – Believe Me: How Trusting Women Can Change the World is newly released, and was edited by the incredible Jessica Valenti and […]

  • Today we’re going to start with a well-written article on a tough subject, and move on to some education and self-care.

    Asimov’s empire, Asimov’s wall – CN: Sexual assault. It’s old news to the sci fi literary […]

  • The female burden of neurodiversity – “When I talk to non-cis male friends about their experiences with ADHD and its cousins, including Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), I hear similar stories. Being perceived as […]

    • Josh replied 7 months ago

      In the article about the runner, it says he “is very active with his church youth group.” That’s a red flag to me, and if prefer he stay away from the youth group until he has demonstrated he actually respects bodily autonomy. How many youth pastors and youth group leaders have been found grooming their young charges? Not enough to say they all will, but enough that his behavior makes it more likely.

      As for dating across the political divide, I didn’t write understand it from your quote, so I read the article, and completely agree. I could have probably dated a Republican in the 90’s, maybe early 2000’s, before it was so clear they fundamentally don’t care about other people.

  • Merriam-Webster’s word of the year for 2019 is the personal pronoun “they” – Also, if you’re not following Merriam-Webster on Twitter, you are missing some excellent snark.

    Deaf student creates more than 100 new […]

  • A little soundtrack for your morning reading of TeenVogue’s coverage of anti-capitalism can be found here.

    How the French revolution is inspiring today’s online anti-capitalists – “On social media, a tone-deaf […]

  • No, koalas are not “functionally extinct” but they are in trouble – There’s been reporting that due to the wildfires in Australia, koalas have lost 80% of their habitat, making them functionally extinct. See this […]

  • I’ve talked here before about my personal choice to not read books by cishet white men. Our first link today is an excellent confirmation that that was a good decision, and helps reduce the daily amount of […]

  • Bound by statute – From Reveal: “In the last 25 years, Mississippi has charged 5,000 children as adults. Three out of every four of them were black.” THREE OUT OF FOUR. That is 150 black children being charged as […]

    • What a stupid, disasterous building! Shame on Cornell for accepting and funding the design without thinking about it and not noticing the issues (not just the floor) until it was finished. Apparently the horrible floor design is essential to the building’s air flow and lighting, so fixing it would basically require gutting and starting over from scratch.
      Also, the chairs and tables in the foreground look totally useless for this sort of library. They may be okay for sitting and reading novels, but academic libraries need large, accessible tables for setting down multiple books, notebooks and laptops, and many of the books in this specific library appear to be large format books which need an extra large table in front of the reader, not a comfy chair (if those chairs are remotely comfortable, you can’t tell from looking) and coffee tables.
      I would remove everything from the library, repurpose the space as an exhibit hall or basketball court, and build a whole new library, designed by someone who understands libraries. Or tear it down and start over.

  • How hymens actually work – Hint: Not at all like TI thinks they do. It is 2019 and we still have to state that policing your children’s hymen is disgusting and misogynistic.

    Danica Roem is now the first out trans […]

    • _Adam Ruins Everything_ had a segment on hymens.

    • TI insults every woman, and every man who refuses to reduce a woman’s value to that of an insignificant bit of membrane.

      We need to shame every person who, like him, diminishes others over trivialities, into nonexistence.

  • Stacey Abrams launches multi-million dollar voter protection initiative in 20 states – “With this new program, Abrams, who formerly served as minority leader in the Georgia legislature, will continue her efforts […]

  • Spiritual Science Research Foundation declares that 85% of LGBT+ people are possessed by ghosts – …does this mean I can make some extra cash tonight by renting myself out for Halloween parties as a haunted ghost […]

  • Steven Pinker, Sam Harris, and the epidemic of annoying white male intellectuals – Pinker can’t take even mild criticism and Harris choose to die on the hill of defending a racist who cloaks his racism in […]

    • That “educated women” post is glorious. GLO. RI. OUS. And I just finished reading “The Calculating Stars” where the brilliant protagonist “Lady Astronaut” has a beautiful relationship with her engineer husband who ADORES and supports her even though her mathematical skills far outstrip his.

    • Everything I’ve read from male intellectuals has convinced me we need to annoy them more, so I’m all for this epidemic.

    • These white male intellectuals make a lot of money by being annoying. Why would they stop? It’s their schtick.

  • Attacks on Greta Thunberg come from a coordinated network of climate change deniers – “…a large subsection of the commentariat driving the abuse of Greta is part of an established network of radical […]

  • You sir, are a human cactus – The amazing Katie Anthony on the latest coverage of Brett Kavanaugh’s assaults on women. “Media outlets reporting on sexual violence don’t need to find a FRESH ANGLE on it. Hi, S […]

  • The rise of TERFs – “Gender critical” is just a new way term bigots are using to try and seem valid. Trans Exclusionary Radical Feminists may have feminist right in the name, but yet they are aligning themselves […]

  • TSA’s body scanners are gender binary, humans are not – CN: Transphobia. Olivia, when pulled aside for additional screening by the TSA, was told that she would have to submit to a physical search by a male TSA […]

  • Horror is a soothing genre for women – Because it’s upfront about what it’s like to be a woman. Great interview on LitHub with Sady Doyle, author of Dead Blondes and Bad Mothers: Monstrosity, Patriarchy, and the F […]

  • “Presenteeism” takes toll on menstruating women – (Note: Not all menstruating people are women. This study only questioned women on their experiences.) “Women who push themselves to work or study despite menstrual […]

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