• My own experience that even sweet, lovable kittens go into attack mode when they meet innocent puppies.

    • “If Zoe [Quinn] had been a man, the blog would have been laughed off as the work of a jilted lover.”

      I think that pretty much sums it up.

    • I missed the “Quickes:” part and assumed that spiders were being blamed for gaining consciousness and creating Gamergate. My first thought was that it was unusually plausible for a news story about spiders.

      If spiders could burrow through human flesh, you guys wouldn’t be smashing them all the time. Stop, by the way.

      • Oh god. Misogynistic spiders are my new worst nightmare.

        • Not to worry! Most spiders are the penultimate misandrists, second only to preying mantises.

        • excuse me, not all spiders.

          • I think you mean #NotAllSpiders.

            • Hilariously enough, in Lakota culture, a negative role model (who isn’t always the bad guy, but so goes) is Iktomi, whose name literally means spider. In a lot of stories, Iktomi is trying to get laid. In others, he comes up with Rube Goldberg plans.

              In one story, he challenges a white man to see who’s the better cheater. “But I have to go home and get my cheating magic first. I’ll need your horse. I’ll also need your clothes so the horse thinks I’m you.”