• Welcome to 2015 everyone! I hope it’s off to a good start for you all and that it will only get awesomer.
    Women in STEM: 2014 in review – From nowoo.
    Hopes for the new year ahead – “To kick off 2015, […]

    • Amanda,

      I knew you guys would like that story I sent you from Nature about the 40 young scientists and their hopes for 2015. Happy New Year, by the way!

    • Amanda,

      That comic about how to make Legos appeal to girls is hilarious!

    • I stopped hating on Lego Friends and you should, too.
      I hate that Lego turned everybody’s Lego into boys’ Lego over 20 years.
      Are there some completely horrible “girls are only interested in fashion and shopping” sets? Yep, and we should be critical of them. But unless you’re equally critical of the “violence is the only solution” toxic masculinity sets for the boys, your Lego Friends hating is mostly based on “ewwww, girl cooties”.
      There are, btw, pretty cool sets like the Jungle sets, though they still have too many pink bows for my liking and are still too much about caring and nurturing. But they also have helicopters.
      My daughters find everything in Lego Friends I loved about my Legos 25-30 years ago. They build their pony ranch and then use my old bricks to add a paddock.

    • When it comes to women and the Economist, I’m not entirely convinced they know that women are people.