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    Dr. Stella Immanuel. Immanuel is a pediatrician ….

    Q: What do you call the med student who graduates at the bottom of their med school class?

    A: Doctor

    • Give her a break, she was educated in Nigeria, a country rife with superstition and third world levels of grinding poverty and inequality.

      Then she came to….. wait…

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    I kind of lucked out. I was actually looking for someone experienced with gender transition, as I was transitioning from male to female. As it happens, the gender transition was fairly easy, but my PTSD kept coming up. (Since it was probably the biggest determiner of who I am, it was hard to avoid.) And it turned out that she was also trained…[Read more]

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    OT, I know, but I just wanted to thank you very, very much for supplying transcripts when you post a video.

    I’m someone who has a very hard time absorbing things from videos (or podcasts), and most people who post videos or link to videos can’t be bothered to find or supply a transcript or even a summary. Those people are effectively saying…[Read more]

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    The problem with calling for impeachment as a solution to these problems is: what happens if Trump is removed from office?
    Will Pence be any better?

    No matter how bad you think things are, they can always be worse.

    It seems to me that our focus should be on evicting the Republicans from Congress and from state legislatures first. Trump has…[Read more]

    • I doubt Trump will be removed from office, both because of the Republicans in the Senate and because of the timing before the next election. But even if Trump were removed, and even if Pence were not implicated (which he is in the current Ukraine situation–he also pressured Ukraine to investigate Biden), Pence wouldn’t have the power to do much…[Read more]

    • If Trump is impeached, who is the Republican nominee next year? They have a lot of (awful) candidates, but do those candidates have the “appeal” of Trump?

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    “It is crazy what people do when their sexual frustration turns to fear and hate.”

    It’s not sexual frustration. That much is clear. If you’re starving, it might lead you to steal stuff from a food vendor or break into a grocery store, but it wouldn’t make you write hate mail to the editor of a foodie magazine.

    I don’t see him saying, “why…[Read more]

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    “This week, Julien Blanc became possibly the first man ever denied a visa on grounds of sexism.”

    Miri, over at Brute Reason disagrees with the “on grounds of sexism”:

    “Blanc was not denied a visa because he holds sexist beliefs. He was denied a visa because he was threatening to assault people and encouraging others to do the same.”

    • Thanks for the link; Miri’s point is really good. Sexism is not good grounds to deny a visa into a country in which people are free to hold any beliefs, however repugnant. Advocating and practicing violent sexual predatory behaviors is. The NY TImes reporting it as though it were about sexism ends up providing fodder for PUAs/MRAs nursing a…[Read more]

    • Plus, pickup artistry tends to border on rape.

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    I would say the prohibition on suicide is more of an ethical and public policy question.

    It’s all very well to say one should “ensure that a suicide is not suffering from a temporary mental illness, and is not being pressured to die,” but given less-than-perfect human beings and systems, the likelihood is high that some people will be pressured…[Read more]

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    I notice that the Raw Story article (original source: International Business News) carefully omits any mention of what sort of “religious freedom” they (Lev Tahor) weren’t getting in Canada. (Look up “Lev Tahor” in Wikipedia for details.) Given that glaring omission, I’m inclined to suspect that it also leaves out the details that would make the…[Read more]

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    “faith” doesn’t co-opt anything, because it’s not an autonomous being.

    What happens is that the people who elbow their way to the levers of power in society at large are also the people who control most religious organizations (especially the dominant ones.) Naturally, those religious organizations are going to support and extend whatever…[Read more]

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    I call myself a fellow-traveller . Since my views are probably best described as “radical feminist,” I figure it has the right radical-revolutionary tone. FWIW, my former boss (a staunch and argumentative Republican) frequently called me a Marxist, so I must be doing something right.

    Funny how not wanting unarmed people with their hands up to…[Read more]

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    I think you have to also factor in unconscious (and sometimes conscious) racism.

    We (USA, at least) live in a culture steeped in the centuries-old stereotype that black men are, as a class, dangerous criminals. So when someone — reporter or not — sees a black man doing something, they’re much more likely to assume he’s doing something…[Read more]

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    “People have tried to argue that issues such as the school to prison pipeline aren’t explicitly humanist issues …”

    I know there are people who think this way, but reading this was just such a WTF moment. How can the systemic destruction of human beings _not_ be a humanist issue? Is it because the people in the pipeline aren’t human? Or b…[Read more]

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    My recollection of the Clinton-Lewinsky media circus was that Clinton got at least as much flak as Lewinsky, if not more. Phrases like “Willy’s willy” and “can’t keep his pants zipped” were memes at the time. Also note that the Republicans used it as a basis for one of the charges that he was impeached on. On the other hand, pro-Clinton…[Read more]

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    A comment and a question.

    The comment: one reason for the “presumed innocent” rule for criminal cases that no one mentions: it’s because in criminal cases, the balance of power is so uneven. If the State comes after you, they have enormous resources to find (or create evidence) to convict you, far more than any but the weathiest can hope to…[Read more]

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    It looks more like the converse of “ad hominem”: you should believe person X because X is such a good person. E.g., you should believe in creationism because Mother Teresa said so, and since she was a saint, she must be right.

    Is there a term for this sort of fallacy?

    • Using it in the case of a name like Mother Theresa would make it an argument from authority. I don’t know if there’s a special name for the fallacy that goes, “Joe Nobody is a real nice guy, so he must be right.” It is kinda the reverse of poisoning the well… sweetening the pot? If a random person is arguing a case based on their past good…[Read more]

      • Actually Rebecca was right, it’s an ad hominem. We usually only see the negitive version, the attack, but the fallacy is really just a subsection of non sequitur where you focus on the arguer rather than the argument. It can be positive but is usually negative.

        • You beast me to it. Ad Hominem is actually a category of fallacies.

          Poisoning the Well is an Ad Hominem. Insulting someone is an Abusive Ad Hominem. And so on.

        • I’ve heard the term ‘halo effect’ used for the ‘good’ side of ad hominem.

          Ad hominem is everywhere. It’s just gotten worse with the internet.

          My personal favorite ad hominem is, of course, the ad monsantum.

        • No it’s not an ad hom. It’s an attempt at an appeal to authority – he’s saying that because he has a family, and helped some other people out etc, he should be trusted.

          The appeal to authority is really a reverse ad hom, which is perhaps where the confusion comes from.

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    I can’t imagine wanting to “have sex” with someone who didn’t want it, too. (I put “having sex” in quotes because I distinguish between “having sex” and “making love.”) For me to even feel like it, I have to feel a sense of trust and intimacy and connection that is incompatible with coercion.

    My reaction upon first hearing this story was:…[Read more]