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    Million-dollar business idea that I will never do so feel free to steal it and make millions: Desk accessories that bear the phrase “Don’t Read the Comments.” Mugs, staplers, telephones, and page-a-day calendars in which every single page contains the message “Don’t Read the Comments.”

  • annabolic posted a new activity comment 4 years, 8 months ago

    Wow! Can I say that I’m impressed that the Australian politician who claimed a link between abortion and breast cancer was forced to backpedal?

    “Let me make this point very, very clear: at no stage have I made a link between abortion and breast cancer,” he said.

    “There’s a very simple reason I have never made such a claim, and that is I am…[Read more]

    • Amanda, thanks for posting that link.
      @ anabolic, perhaps, don’t be too impressed.
      Can I quote here one of the best comments, from coloru2 (9:05 AM on 08/08/2014)

      “I would go as far as suggesting this was all a very cleverly arranged reverse psychology attempt. Government have been doing this for decades.
      You take a piece of misinformation…[Read more]

    • Maybe it’s an Australian thing? There was an episode of The Games* where the press had discovered the Olympics were in serious financial trouble and were going to have to lay off a lot of their staff (who were extremely busy at the time and under a very tight deadline.) One of the reporters asked the organizing committee spokeswoman if there was…[Read more]