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    My condolences that you are in the situation where you want a child eventually but not now, and the ‘now’ depends on something as unknowable as your future health. I’m also glad you could get the care you need now, leaving the future open to what you can handle when you can handle it.

    (Also, yes, I hate the idea that there is a hierarchy of…[Read more]

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    I wonder if it would be more accurate to say sexism is both against women and people/things coded feminine*, so it can intersect with transmen and non-binary people with functioning uteri and ovaries (organs coded feminine). If you consider male = default, care for these organs (which includes fertility and pregnancy) is separate from ‘normal…[Read more]

    • As a cisman, the main thing for me to do on this subject is listen, so I’m happy to hear from women, transmen, or anyone else who has a different perspective from me on this, but it seems to me that sexism could be pretty much any discrimination against anyone other than a cis male?

      And then it seems to me that most people who are sexist and…[Read more]

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    I imagine ample vegetarian and vegan options, with all food fair-trade and probably sourced from local farmers, climate and season permitting.

    Damn, now I’m hungry.

    • Yes, but let’s not forget the fried sausage special with #GamerGate man-tear sauce.

      I hear it’s to snark for.

    • If I remember the two-page spread in Misandrist’s Monthly, it does have vegan and vegetarian options, but it’s still mostly about man-eating.

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    The squash and pumpkin thing just makes me remember all the cats I’ve known who like things that are not meat (or even high protein foods like cheese). I’ve met at least two cats who have eaten bread rolls from out of my (sealed) lunch bag, and one who would devour corn muffins. Maybe if cats think pumpkin tastes yummy…

    OTOH, there’s a…[Read more]

    • My vet once recommended trying giving one of my cats pumpkin puree when he was having digestive problems. Not because of any particular nutritional content, just because it’s high fiber, and apparently many cats will go crazy for pumpkin; evidently it has a catnip-like effect for some. (See for example the various videos on YouTube of big cats…[Read more]

      • Our cat also likes pumpkin puree, so thanks for the info. I had just thought he was weird, considering he also likes broccoli and kale. But he was a feral kitten rescue, so his general reaction to almost any food is “Oh, yes please, and can I have some more?” He’s the least finicky cat I’ve ever seen. I think his favorite food might be the…[Read more]

    • Our previous vet back in Buffalo had a can of squirt cheese to amuse cats! Fry wouldn’t even look at it and Brendon took a lick and then looked at all of us like we were insane.

      I don’t know if that’s due to our no-table-scraps rule or if it’s just their personal preference.

    • Weird things indeed. Mine goes nuts for sushi nori, to the point where I can’t cook with it unless I put him in another room. It’s all I use for treats, pretty much.

      Speaking of hydration, I noticed he drinks much more with one of those plug-in deals that cycles the water with a pump (probably because it stays aerated and tastes fresher), but…[Read more]

    • My orange long hair, Teddy, used to tear open the bread bags and munch on the bread. My dad was convinced we had mice until we caught him in the act.

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    Or he could implement blindfolds as appropriate dress code for good, God-fearing Christian men. They can, of course, remove them in their own homes and in other private spaces to take care of vital needs, while being protected from sin by being exposed to something potentially arousing, like a woman breastfeeding an infant. And, if one wants to…[Read more]