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    To anyone not convinced that this type of argumentation is harmful, let me add this: Think of the collateral damage. For a moment, forget about the target of the abuse. The fact of this abuse being thrown out there (much of it in public) normalizes it, both in the mind of the abuser and in the mind of anyone else who sees it. So if you say it’s…[Read more]

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    That’s not how the math works. It’s a 4% risk of complications PERIOD. It’s a 38-66% REDUCED chance of HIV infection. The HIV rate in the US varies from region to region, but is about 0.3% overall.

    We can roughly estimate the risk of lifetime infection from percent of people living with HIV (which assumes it’s at a stable rate in the…[Read more]

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    You know what can also destroy people’s lives? Being raped.

    No one’s arguing (here at least) that we should immediately jump to ruin the life of someone who’s been accused of rape. All Rebecca’s post argued was that we shouldn’t treat this claim as extraordinary. And in this context you seem to have jumped to the position of immediately…[Read more]

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    Let’s not blur together the scenarios of judging innocence or guilt in a court of law, judging it in the court of public opinion, and judging it in our own minds. The consequences are vastly different in each of these cases, and so we can be justified in using different standards of evidence in each case.

    In a court of law in the US, the…[Read more]

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    They really aren’t thinking it through though if they say the accusation is an extraordinary claim based solely on those numbers. Each person doesn’t have just one interaction, but tens of thousands throughout the year.

    For analogy, it’s the difference between “I dealt myself a hand of cards and got four-of-a-kind” (Odds of ~4,000 to 1) and “I…[Read more]

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    I think you’re missing a big part of the picture here: The entertainment sector. It’s extremely unlikely that we’ll be able to create robots who can come up with entertainment as compelling as humans can come up with (and if they can, then we might also be in the scenario that they’re sentient, and thus we shouldn’t be enslaving them). Unlike many…[Read more]

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    The Nintendo situation is quite strange. It wouldn’t seem as odd if their cast were 100% Japanese (not better, mind you, but at least understandable), but all white? I wonder if that speaks to something in modern Japanese culture…

    Well, in any case, I hope this message gets through to the home office. I’ve heard much of the office has quite a…[Read more]

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    You must have missed it. The article does discuss that:

    These three men were arrested for a murder that took place in the commission of a robbery. Very little is known about these men. They were said to have been railroad workers. They were called hobos in some accounts, itinerant workers. And it was the first legal triple-hanging in the state…[Read more]

  • I’ve heard that another problem with VAERS is that there’s little check to ensure that the submission is at all truthful or the slightest bit plausible. I recall a skeptic testing this by posting a claim that a […]

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    I don’t object to online ads in principle, but there’s a big difference between a static image or test ad (fine by me) and an autoplaying video with sound. It was the latter type of ads that convinced me to get […]

  • Ugh, this is sickening. There really needs to be a way to report police officers for refusing to take a report of illegal activity… Public shaming might be an option, but that would require a public that takes […]