• Anti-Vaxxers Are Idolizing the Amish, Inexplicably – “A viral pseudoscience article claims the Plain People never get sick because they don’t get vaccinated. Actually, members of the religious sect are prone to […]

    • Mary,

      Well, if they found Dracula’s Coffin on Mars, they might not have found life on another planet, but at least we’d know that other planets have the undead! Wa ha ha! >:)

    • Mary, the Bletchley Park podcast interviewed Benedict Cumberbatch and the director, prior to the release of this movie, it gives some interesting insights, like that they brought the entire cast to Bletchley, to get a feel for the history, and they did a small amount of filming at Bletchley. Benedict seemed very enthused about playing the role of Turing. They have amalgamated some of the characters for the purpose of brevity.
      I am going to see this movie tomorrow (Friday night Australian time), and will post my opinion after I get home.

    • And now Fox News is appropriating feminist memes. Lovely.

    • I saw The Imitation Game… a while ago, before Christmas, I think.
      It was good! Touching. I doubt its historical accuracy, but, to be fair, films are rarely historically accurate, even historical films. Definitely go see it if you have the opportunity.

    • Just got back from the flicks – Worth every cent, I loved it. Powerful acting and great characters. It gets the major technical points right without taking too many liberties. But where it shines is with the acting, and social message. Hard to talk about it with out spoilers, go see it you won’t be disappointed.