• Sunday Funny: Optimist vs. Pessimist vs. Opportunist (via SMBC)

    Teen Skepchick

    The Physics Philes, lesson 121: Mountains Out of Mole Hills
    Mindy only briefly confuses mole the animal with mole the […]

    • Quantum healing? Like using radiation to fight cancer?

      Oh, probably not. Probably some sort of ‘Quantum mechanics means it happens if you believe in it’ woo.

    • As someone with food allergies I can tell you the best and easiest thing that needs to be done is better and clearer labeling on products. Education is also essential, especially for people in the food industry. It’s frustrating to be told I can be cured. I can’t. I am not going to try your magical cure, because when I eat nuts I DIE. I AM NOT TAKING CHANCES.