• Sunday Funny: The limits of blind trials. (via xkcd)

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    The Physics Philes, lesson 123: Conduction, Convection, Radiation, Oh My!
    Mindy explores the ways in which energy is transferred as […]

    • A lot of Indians celebrate Christmas, even if they’re not Christian, FWIW.

    • My wife (jewish) and I (atheist) have created a good ritual for ourselves at Hannukah. We light candles, she recites prayers, and then I read something meaningful I’ve found on the web. I’ve collected a bunch of stories over the years – the story of a menorah rescued during the holocaust, a funny poem about jewish folk heading out for Chinese food on Christmas, the story of a human encounter when a woman lit a menorah in the parking lot of a Grateful Dead show.

      As an ex-Catholic, I’ve had enough dead rituals to last a lifetime. But I appreciate when people make an effort to create their own, human rituals that are meaningful to them.