• Sunday Funny: Gut Fauna (via xkcd)

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    The Physics Philes, lesson 126: Kinetic-Molecular Model of Ideal Gases, Part 1
    Mindy learns how to apply Newton’s laws of motion to a bunch of gas […]

    • On going gluten free; if you don’t have an actual medical issue with gluten (Celiac’s or a provable intolerance) then I would liken going gluten free to prayer. Fine on a personal level as long as you don’t expect miracles, it might even make you feel better for any number of reasons, but completely irresponsible to recommend to others which is what I see happen all the time.

      I have a family member who have benefited from the no gluten craze as it’s allowed them to manage their Celiac’s with the myriad produces that have become available but it comes at a price, they have had to become extra vigilant when they eat out since there are some (a very small number I’m sure) that see any request for gluten-free as just another annoying fad and not the life threatening necessity that it is and do not take it seriously, they’ve ended up with a very painful and expensive doctors visits as a result.