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    First! that’s a first for me.

    There is a difference in perspectives that may apply when you believe in the existence of gods or not.

    It’s easy enough for an unbeliever, schooled with some science, to see that there is no thing as “inherent good”. Value is something only a consciousness can apply, and only has value as “good” (or bad) to that…[Read more]

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    Season 1 was certainly the best one, and everything you wrote is highly agreeable when measured up to it…
    But you just GOT to come back when you are finished the series, and, er…..update us on any possible changes to your views 🙂

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    Upon consideration of all above points, I retract “evopsych” is here to stay. For me the question was always “how do we figure out why or how we think/react this or that way?”, but i suppose once/if neuroscience ever gets a comprehensive grip on what and how things happen up here in the brainpan, we’ll know those answers. And at that point we…[Read more]

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    Evopsych is here to stay. As the human brain is more understood “technically”, evopsych will begin to get more things right than wrong. It seems inevitable that the last million years must have had some evolutionary impact on how we think and relate genderwise considering the way natural selection works. It may well be a small impact tho… easily…[Read more]

  • thanks, like you, am sporadic. wtf was exactly my thoughts, until your helpful links.
    glad to be clued up again.
    Can’t say i’m surprised by Shermer. The first first time i did a background read on him, his […]