• Olivia wrote a new post, Yes We Should Talk About Bodies, on the site Skepchick 5 years, 6 months ago

    Body positivity, skinny shaming, fatphobia, fitspiration. The internet has brought the age of infinite scrutiny of bodies. There are a lot of problems with this. There are fights, there’s an us vs. them that […]

    • I’ve recently been going through back episodes of the Rationally Speaking podcast on my way to and from work. The other day I listened to an episode interviewing Dr. Victoria Pitts-Taylor, a sociologist who has spent much of her career studying the notion of bodies, and particularly female bodies, from the perspective of sociology and the humanities. She makes an argument that the humanities have too long ignored the biological aspect of the human body (and likewise that biologists have ignored the cultural aspect of the human body), which is grounded in a pretty solid understanding of biology and neuroscience. I thought it was a really great interview and I’m hoping to have a chance to learn more about her work when I’ve got some time.

    • Someone will have to explain the bathroom thing to me some time. I mean, I understand the convenience issue (though I did ask a janitor once in college, and the ladies’ rooms where he’s worked have had twice as many toilets as the men’s, but urinals take up less space than toilets), but everything else sounds like Freud.

      More on-topic, all you need to know about how society treats women is to look at Kagan’s confirmation. All the commentary was about her appearance? The only thing I look for in a Supreme Court Justice is her legal opinions. Everything else is irrelevant.