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    The dudebros are at it again, and this time they’re confused. At The Daily Banter, Michael Luciano asks “Did I sleep through some radical redefining of the word ‘atheist’? It’s always been my understanding that an […]

    • Oh no Olivia, you can’t use that kind of language when talking to anyone at The Daily Banter (except maybe Bob Cesca). It’s liberal/libertarian dude-bros all the way down. Chez Pazienza is even worse, having once boldly declared that “people who find things ‘problematic’ are simply people with out real problems.”

    • He is right, there is nothing inherent in the word atheist that suggests skepticism, liberalism, humanism, or even curiosity.

      Plenty of atheists are not skeptical (looking at you Bill Maher), or liberal (Penn & Teller, S.E. Cupp although I’d suggest she is more a pseudo-atheist since she buys such a large swath of the Christian mythos), or humanist (Dawkins’ and Hitchens’ antiquated views on women, Harris’ and Maher again on Islam, and any number of libertarian dudebros on the poor), or curious (as I would suspect might be Mr. Luciano’s problem, trapped in his me, me, me bubble).

      All those people are atheists, all those people fail to live up to these other ideas, and all these people are free to not join in the new direction on the atheist movement. Now if they would kindly just shut the fuck up and let us by they can be on their way to the dustbin of history.

    • So I read the article and my look on my face was pure “Wow, he tried it”.

      I was pretty sure we were past the whole “Dictionary Atheism is the only true Atheism” nonsense some time ago, so this cat’s point is as stale as month old bagels. If that’s how he wants to roll, great. No need to lecture the rest of us trying to do more with our atheism than sit on our high horses being better than religious rubes and only speaking up when there is a Nativity scene on a city hall lawn.

    • I came to atheism through philosophical and ethical objections to the Christian faith I was raised in and honestly believed and practiced into my twenties. Before I decided that I didn’t believe that any god existed, I first decided that regardless of existence the god of Christianity didn’t deserve my love, worship or service.

      So yeah, I’m a feminist and a social justice warrior first. Those things triggered my exit from religion. It’s entirely possible that if the religion I was exposed to hadn’t been so virulently awful, I might still profess faith (not that I regret anything, just being honest).

      I wonder if this person has a problem with the atheist charity orgs or if he would disapprove of the hedonistic atheist social group I belong to that does a lot of drinking and talking and eating together and rarely talks about being atheist because none of that has anything to do with disbelieving in god.

    • Right, an atheist doesn’t need to be a decent human being, but every atheist I want to associate with, or spend time with, or talk to, or have the slightest interaction with has to be a decent human being at a minimum.

      I have not the slightest bit of desire to associate with people who are not decent human beings, whether they are atheists, christians, Democrats, Republicans or Libertarians. If they are not decent human beings they can all rot in the Hell hole they are digging for themselves.

      I love to associate with decent human beings of all persuasions, gay, straight, male, female, black, white, Christian, agnostic, atheist, trans, SJW and everyone else. If you are a decent human being, I will embrace you because we have enough in common that matters, in fact, we have all that matters in common, we are both decent human beings.

      All you non-decent human beings, please stay away from me until you have pulled your shit together. Thank you.

    • Neither Skeptic nor Atheist equals ‘libertarian’ or Randroid. Yes there is a Venn-diagram overlap, but it is scarcely enough to let the confusion continue.

      I wear my Red A still, and hope it would catch on. I wish I could tack on a blue ‘plus’ sign for the one in 100 people who recognizes the symbol at all.

      Perhaps, instead of pointing out that Atheism and Skepticism imply taking authority with a grain of salt…isn’t that obvious already? We should begin issuing an ‘Atheism MINUS’ tag to the misogynists, guru-worshippers, homophobes etc.

      The vast public is still pristinely unaware of these clashes, and barely comprehends that the Religious Right isn’t in control of the entire U.S.

      • I simply say if ‘atheists don’t owe your social justice agenda shit’, then obviously, you don’t get to use religion’s historical oppression of women in discussing atheism. Nor do you get to talk about sexual abuse by priests. Or religion’s role in excusing genocide. Or…

        Because using causes you don’t really believe in to prove your point is hypocritical.