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    Things on the internet (and really everywhere) have been stressful lately. Conversations about race and police violence, rape and sexual violence, and harassment and online violence are just about everywhere. This […]

    • My Son has a few triggers, but I didn’t know about the “discussion of dieting” being one.

      • It depends on your mental illness. And remember, PTSD works because human memory is highly associative. If only it were so simple as discussing rape being the only thing that reminds a survivor of rape. But if the room had sky blue curtains or smelled of rosewater or a particular song was playing downstairs, those things can also bring back the memory of rape.

    • Thank you. I didn’t have a clear understanding of the difference between a trigger and something upsetting. You have clarified it nicely. I think the word “trigger” gets misused fairly often, sometimes intentionally, mostly from ignorance. Either way, misuse of the word doesn’t add understanding.

      • This is certainly a valid concern and I think is part of what leads to not only misunderstanding, but ridicule of the concept of trigger warnings. I’m partial to the Shakesville-style “content notes” instead.

    • Triggers aren’t just for mental illnesses, physical illnesses have triggers too. I don’t know of many that could be affected by a website, but epilepsy is one.