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    Here in the United States, we don’t have socialized healthcare because we hate the idea of paying for someone else’s medical bills. So ins […]

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    I’ve mentioned a little bit about QAnon in previous videos without going into much about what it is, and who “Q” is — I’ve only talked […]

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    As a science communicator and a person who is generally interested in cool tech, I think I surprise a lot of people by not being an early […]

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    We’re living in a time of absolute information overload. The week I’m recording this video, one of the US President’s staff is being convi […]

    • This is going to be one of those like when everyone said “If Hillary doesn’t win, a racist is going to be president.” as if that had never happened before in the entire history of the United States, isn’t it?

      It makes my blood boil too, and “boil” just happens to rhyme with the reason the US is fine with it. Well, one reason. (There is a pseudoleft faction so possessed by orientalism, they are totally fine ignoring Saudis or Iranians or whoever behaving badly, but they have no power outside of academia. However, more millennials support this faction than any previous generation.)

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    It’s that time again! Time for Wrong Information to Go Viral on the Twitters. And yes, it’s always that time. That time literally never sto […]

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    It’s probably no surprise to you, if you’re subscribed to my youtube channel or patreon, that the MMR vaccine (measles, mumps, rubella) is saf […]

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    There’s so much bad news happening right now that I wanted to make a quick video about something pretty awesome. Even though it does i […]

    • Seems worth considering that our current Neanderthal DNA percentage (3% for people from Europe or Asia) might measure the proportion of Neanderthals to ‘modern’ humans during the period they (we) lived in parallel.

    • It is also worth noting that the parents of this young woman, were more distant genetically from each other, than are any two humans alive today.

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    Mollie Tibbetts was a 20-year old woman who was recently murdered in Iowa. Her name is everywhere right now because Donald Trump claims her […]

    • Yeah wow. I could tell the exact point in the story where you really started to get angry and passionate about this.

      If it’s any consolation the situation is very bad here as well. My old man mentioned the other day about how there were so many homeless women on the streets and I pointed out that undoubtedly they were all victims of domestic violence. That stopped him, to his credit he went very quiet.

      Actually no, that all makes it worse not better. Fuck this world.

    • Middle of para 3″ that”=”and” would make sense
      But as a dramatic moment it works well

      By the way do you know I have been following for 10 years now?
      I still regard you as an excellent journalist and a touchstone of good sense with a finger on the pulse of important news.

      Thank you for everything, Rebecca.

    • >The Problem isn’t Immigrants. It’s Men who Murder Women.

      The only way you could have ceded the argument any more is if you argued “The Problem isn’t Immigrants. It’s Humans who Murder Humans”. Also a true statement, but a completely useless one when it comes to policy or even explanation of why this happened. Yours in no better.

      I mean, what is one supposed to do with a blanket statement that implicates 3.7 billion people and half the population?

      >Of course, many anti-immigration fascists like Candace Owens have seized upon this opportunity to go on a full-on public relations blitz

      They did. But how is that different than what you’re doing? You’re supposed be a dispassionate objective skeptic. Instead, you’re as ideological as they are except they could actually attach a policy to their (flawed) argument – you can’t because there is no policy or strategy you can implement to target 3.7 billion people. Men aren’t going anywhere.

      • You’re (somewhat) right, but only somewhat. In Minnesota about two decades ago, it wasn’t just whites involved in human trafficking and gang rape of Indian women, Somalis were as well.

        But don’t forget about the white traffickers and rapists. It was the Somalis who added clitoridectomy to the mix as well, though.

        It’s not exactly PC to say it, because it’s one of those “we love you until you open your mouth” things white liberals love to do, the things intersectionality was supposed to fight but was ultimately subsumed by.

      • “there is no policy or strategy you can implement to target 3.7 billion people”

        Yes there is. You can educate boys to be respectful of women. I did it and it’s not hard.

        • >You can educate boys to be respectful of women.

          You sound enlightened. Not like the rest of us that are taught to disrespect women … especially in context of the article which dealt with the abduction and murder of a woman.

          But OK, I’ll bite, how do you craft a global policy to “educate boys to be respectful of women”?

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    SNOWFLAKES! ‘Trigger warnings’ may undermine ’emotional resilience,’ Harvard study finds, or so says a headline on…well, gopusa. […]

    • By the way, today’s WaPo has a look back at Technocracy, Inc. and how it relates to modern Silicon Valley.

      There were Technocracy, Inc. types all throughout the Clinton campaign as well. One of the things that really skeezed me about them.

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    New research has emerged showing that women are more likely to survive heart attacks if they’re treated by a female doctor. The result c […]

    • That thing about warning signs of heart attack in women is especially important. There are still those (especially older doctors, people tend to cling to what they were taught, and the older you are, the more out of date that information is) who cling to the “small man” myth, that is, that male and female bodies are the same except for the genitalia and the larger mass of the male body.

      As for those male doctors, who knew that being isolated from half the population was a guaranteed path to medical incompetence?

    • I wonder if there is enough data in the study to follow this effect over the twenty years of the study. I am a fairly recent (male) doctor, and we (in my med school class, 60% women, 40% men) were educated pretty thoroughly on the different symptomatology between women and men in the case of acute MI. Maybe this serious issue is in the process of being resolved. I sincerely hope so!

    • It’s a great title Rebecca, the title says it all and suggests the solution.

      I generalise here.

      People have been brainwashed into regarding price as the most important criterion. Price is easy to quantify, quality is not.

      When you* are young and invulnerable or Republican and arrogant, thinking ill health is some sort of moral deficiency, you don’t think too much about it. When you are old or vulnerable, pregnant, or with young sick kids, the odds begin to stack up against you and you realise how important a good doctor is.

      Unfortunately in a Capitalist system, market forces rule and if everybody goes to the quick in and out sausage** factory type doctor, the more caring and careful type of doctor has fewer patients and relatively speaking is underpaid.

      Worse, the more caring doctor receives criticism for being behind schedule because they always devote additional time to patients with more serious problems.

      As you may remember my wife is a GP and we have lived with this shit for 40 plus years.

      So if you want to support the caring doctor, go and see them and support them when your problems are simple, as they may not be there when you really need them.

      *As always, You = plural you, not you in particular, I could say we
      **Sausage factory – male – see what I did there?!
      although there are many caring male doctors as well.

    • Also, don’t fucking rock up to a 15 minute appointment with a shopping list of problems, schedule a longer session or see your doctor more frequently.

  • Rebecca Watson wrote a new post, Study: Black Cops as Likely as White Cops to Murder Unarmed Black People, on the site Skepchick 1 month, 1 week ago

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    As an American who has lived in the United States for the vast majority of my life, I think I can safely say that we’ve got some problems h […]

    • It’s no surprise at all. People forget when gun control first caught on in this country. It wasn’t on the left. It was Ronald Reagan, taking guns out of the hands of Black Panthers.

      For Indians, our experience has been that everyday racists tend to get creative, doing things like drugging you, driving you up a cliff, wrapping you in a blanket, and throwing you off. Northern Plains nice, you know? (I mean, back in the 70s, they even rented an American Legion hall for a lynching, so, yeah.) But racist cops? They’ve got a gun right there and a hair-trigger sense of fear, which is of course much more racial. (I mean, shooting a naked guy. Where is he going to hide his gun? Don’t answer that.)

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    It’s no secret that I’m not a fan of evolutionary psychology. A few years back I did a lecture tour where I shared the most hilariously bad […]

    • Nothing new. Remember the “warrior gene”, found coincidentally in populations (never white populations) known for being warlike?

      If you say “Okay, do you have any evidence to back up your assertions?”, cries of “PoMo!” will ensue. Which, to be fair, postmodern types are a pain in the ass as well (e.g., arguing that male domination is tied to cultures with a solar calendar).

      What I find interesting about Murray is the number of centrists and lefter-than-thou types who will argue for his “cognitive elite” once you get rid of the racist element. Obviously they’re still idiots, but it shows how much of eugenics is considered consensus among politicians and pundits (but importantly not geneticists).

    • “he also defended the neo-Nazi Milo Yiannopolous, arguing that he couldn’t possibly be a neo-Nazi because he’s gay and “half-Jewish.”

      LMFAO the first thing Hitler did when he marched into Austria was to search and destroy the records of his Jewish ancestry.

      Also Hitler’s rival for leadership until 1936 Ernst Roehm was known as “the Breechloader”

      Self loathing and transferrence can account for a lot of Adolf’s mental pathology. Neither gay nor Jewish rules out fascist ideology.

      Hypocrisy and delusion are rampant in the world of politics to this day. What a surprise.

      • It’s a possibility, but strikes me as idle speculation about Hitler. Basically, Hitler’s grandmother, Maria Schicklgruber, was a maid for a Jewish household, and the argument is that possibly she had an affair with one of the men of the household, and that man was the father of Hitler’s father, Alois Hitler, né Schicklgruber. Doesn’t sound like any reasonable person would count that as more than speculation, though.

        Of course, the obvious example would be Satmars marching in support of people who love to use Nazi imagery.

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    New research out of UMass claims to show that giving your kids a supplement can help you and your partner be less violent towards each other. […]

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    A few years back I did a lecture series talking about how quickly myths can spread online. “A lie can make it halfway around the world w […]

    • Your quick dismissal of the concern of folks with disabilities doesn’t hold up. If you ban automatically giving tap water, the place doesn’t stop stocking tap water. If you ban straws, why are places going to have straws? Nobody will make them anymore since there will be no market, and nobody will bother getting them for the customers who might need them.

    • Make them biodegradable. Anyone suffering brain damage, such as from a stroke, might need them.

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    Hey guys: cell phones don’t cause cancer. I’m putting that write here at the top of the video, just like I did the last time this bul […]

    • You are write, of course you are “write”…

      Ain’t auto correct a bitch!

      Don’t anybody ever lecture me on the glorious wonders of AI.

      Also – fukken Sprague-Dawley rats again!
      No good ever comes from experiments with those motherfuckers.

      And yes, only IONISING radiation can cause cancer, microwaves do not count (think of all the juicy microwaves absorbed in our dinners, waitin’ to pop up at ya, yum yum).

    • Mind you microwaves do cause cancer on my internet connection…

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    There’s a new profile of Gwyneth Paltrow in the New York Times and it’s actually really good! It’s refreshing because usually these sorts […]

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    I’ve talked about Reddit on here and on Skepchick before, and to be frank, it’s hardly ever been good news. Most of Reddit’s usefulness cente […]

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    Meet Dr. Kristi Funk. She’s pretty, blonde, works out of an office in Beverly Hills called Pink Lotus, and has famous clients — most n […]

    • “After Jolie’s story went viral, there was an uptick in the number of women who requested genetic testing, but there wasn’t an uptick in mastectomies because the vast majority of those women didn’t have the mutation”.

      In fact if you check the original article, we do not know whether the women had the mutation or not, or whether they had a family history or not.

      It seems that the insurance companies paid for the tests which could suggest that they did.

      If not, I totally agree with your whole well written article. Well population screening is a waste of time and money and ends up needlessly scaring a lot of people.

      Unfortunately this was more like a triple blind study – the patients didn’t know what was going on, the researchers did’t know, in fact nobody knew what was going on.

      • In fact, you do not need to tie your post in with that reference at all, it’s strong enough and true enough to stand on its own. It’s the same stuff we were taught about population screening 50 years ago. There are actually WHO guidelines on such to avoid wasting scarce resources,

        Speaking of insurance companies, they are a new and frightening reason to avoid unnecessary genetic testing. They are a bunch of vultures who will stop at nothing to deny your claim and in this gee whiz wonderful new age of IT and AI (implemented so skillfully with all the proper safeguards, NOT, don’t get me started what a clusterfuck!) even your most private health information WILL end up in the wrong hands.

        Of course, if you have a family history, or especially have a tumour biopsied, you must go ahead with genetic testing because it could very well save your life.

    • I make a rule that if “a study says”, it should be taken as “this increases or decreases your chances by less than 1%, maybe”.

      And yeah, just listening to all this nutrition advice is just going to give you a Cluster C personality disorder. Eggs are good, eggs are bad, eggs are good. Carbs good, protein bad; carbs good, fat bad; fat good, carbs bad; some fat good, some fat bad. Megadoses of this vitamin or that do something good, oh wait, you should avoid megadoses of fat-soluble vitamins because that can be toxic. You should eat soy because phytoestrogens and you should avoid soy because phytoestrogens. Eat six small meals or three big meals.

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    Guys! Guys! Guys! Did you know that women, on YouTube, get harassed? If you didn’t, now you do. And if you don’t believe me, now there are […]

    • Women getting harassed on social media? Zounds!

      Okay, yeah, we all knew that. And we all knew a YouTube comments section makes an Arkansas country club look downright civil. (I miss the old-school trolls who would just show up and act like a moron: “I accidentally my Super Nintendo, is that bad?” It seems the Serdar Argic school of trolling is everywhere now.)

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    In case you haven’t heard, Internet Gaming Disorder is now a thing. It’s the idea that people can become addicted to online games. It’s not a […]

    • I wouldn’t call loot boxes a disorder, any more than any other form of gambling. (Though of course, you can be addicted at least psychologically to anything.) Richard Garfield takes issue with them, though. (Write your own punchline here.)

    • Loot boxes are pretty clearly designed to get people to pay more money. It’s the intermittent reinforcement method.

    • Has anybody checked out VR Chat?

      Talk about total immersion, people can leave the real world behind for good!

      When they get in their $3000 gear and sit around in the virtual world watching vids….but who am I to judge, the real world is ultra shitty for lots of people!

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