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    Let’s take a break from pandemic news to talk about some actually good s […]

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    Last month I mentioned that conservatives were using talking points from John […]

    • Ouch! No link to the Buzzfeed article?

    • Mm no, this attempt to downplay fails because the deaths remain the same while the number of infections is far greater than anybody suspected.
      So the epidemic has spread way further than anybody suspected based on the late and inadequate PCR testing – what a surprise.
      This is why the US has reached not a peak but a plateau of new cases/day which is going to take months to decrease to a reasonable level.
      idk how contact tracing can be done with such numbers, does the US even do that? I imagine all the MAGAS would refuse to cooperate or bullshit and lie outright.
      Point 2 if anybody is hoping for herd immunity, 60% is the target level so even New York with 20% antibodies is going to have to do it all over again twice more to reach that level. Levels will be far lower outside the immediate “ground zero” of the epicenters.
      If you look at Sweden which is the golden boy of herd immunity fans, with their official case numbers of 500/day, it’s gonna take something like nearly 40 years to reach that 60% target. So yeah, I hope their antibody frequency IS at least 10X greater than these official figures might indicate.
      Also I hope that “antibody positive” means protective type and levels of antibody sufficient to confer actual immunity to a decent slug of corona in the real world!
      Not to mention, I hope that hypothetical immunity lasts til the second wave in the fall and the third next year….

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    In previous videos I’ve debunked conservative Americans’ claim that the gov […]

    • Ha! You read my mind! Hungary is the exact “nasty little dictatorship” I had in mind in my comment to a previous post about women leaders being good at managing the pandemic.

      Generalising about good government from a single metric is logically shaky and easily refuted.

      But the analogy with Trump is spot on. Another term with him and the US is going to degenerate from being the respected leader of the western world into being an irrelevant laughing stock.

    • While we’re at it it perhaps you could explain something for me.

      How can COVID-19 be , at the same time:
      1. A weaponised virus engineered as a bioweapon in a lab in Wuhan and deliberately targeted against the US
      2. Fake News, a Democrat hoax, no worse than the flu but overblown by Democrats (and presumably, like, the whole rest of the World) in a conspiracy to take away Guns, Freedoms and Free Speech?

    • I think Covid-19 is ideal for an aspiring dictator. Emergency powers are needed, fear of strangers and banning gatherings. It doesn’t get any more opportune than that. It’s both our despair and good fortune to have a mental patient running the US. Despair since any kind of intelligent and coherent response was beyond the feds. Good fortune since seizing an opportunity for anything other than short sight sighted graft and angry tweets is beyond him.

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    Let’s talk about rights and freedom. Here in America, we are super into f […]

    • I do not envy you the impending comments from weird nerds defending Musk. That said, you might want to amend the article. The difference between 36.5 and 37 billion dollars is 500 million, not 5 billion. Not that it makes that level of wealth any less disgusting; I won’t ever see a fraction of 50 million, much less 500.

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    The best thing about living in the time of a pandemic is the fact that most of […]

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    I was having trouble coming up with a video this week and eventually I […]

    • Heck yes on numbers 1 and 2.

      On number, 3, I have so been guilty of this and am torn between “AH PUBLIC SAFETY” and “STFU ME IT’S NOT MY BUSINESS.”

      Anyway, I’ve stopped being annoyed at the new neighbor throwing small outdoor parties in his backyard. Cuz maybe we’re all just going a little bug nut crazy and need to sit in a somewhat socially distanced circle bullshitting, rapping along to Notorious B.I.G., and smoking weed.

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    A few years ago…wait, sorry, hours? Days. I think it was a few weeks ago […]

    • Presence of antibodies may not protect against reinfection, depending on the titer, so a simple qualitative test is fairly useless except to indicate prior exposure to the disease. It could be handy to know if asymptomatic = low titer but nobody knows this yet.

    • Also I just checked, Australia had 1.4 million Chinese tourists last year, staying for an average 11 days, pro rata that’s about 3800/day, comparable to yours.

      Because of aggressive testing we know that even now our rate of community transmission is very low. You reckon we would miss something from November? I mean 3 cases from Ruby Princess turned into 100 within a fortnight.

      20 deaths from that btw, we got MOST of our cases from the US, we ought to sue the US govt for their incompetence in all this. Chinese, otoh, handled the outbreak in exemplary fashion as far as we are concerned. So Republicans can stick that up their ass along with their light sabers.

    • I have seen reporters make a point of saying that some person that they quote wasn’t involved with the research that they are commenting on, if that is the case. I can recall noticing that many times over the last few years in the larger, reputable publications when they are writing about recent research developments. I think that some of the better news editors and publications have trained their reporters to be careful about this.

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    Writing for Forbes, Avivah Wittenberg-Cox says that the female leaders of […]

    • I am glad you called out Wittenberg-Cox on this, I mean, she raised some good points but took it too far.
      As you say, the only way we can really criticise will be in retrospect, and it’s far too early to be awarding the COVID gold medals yet. This is pobably not a good way to make an argument that will stand the test of time.

      As far as I can see the country with the best record so far is Vietnam, a country of nearly 100 million and zero deaths.
      Many fascist states in Eastern Europe have done quite well with this outbreak but I wouldn’t want to live under their regimes.

      As Obama said, good people can do bad things and bad people can do good things.

      I personally have a deep suspicion of all politicians, male or female. Their lust for power sets them apart from most of us and while aggression and anger may be stereotypical male characteristics, women can be equally toxic, they just have a different way of showing it.

    • Hmm Charlotte Seck claims plagiarism of her original article:

    • twitter post deleted dammit! Who knows where the truth lies…

    • I was thinking about some of the bosses I have had. Best were Albert (M), Lorraine (F), Maryanne (F), Terry (M).

      While Lorraine and Maryanne were a lot sexier than Albert and Terry, who cared when we were in the middle of a project? We just needed someone to keep us on track and get us the resources we needed.

    • Dear Rebecca, my wife and daughter rather liked Wittenberg-Cox’s idea that female leaders might handle a crisis of this type better than a typical male leader. When I foolishly jumped in with comments that echoed your own, they didn’t argue with me, simply stared at me silently for a few moments and then changed the subject.

      In regard to your statement: “Women aren’t magical fairies here to improve the world.” I would like to say that your argument is prosaically correct, but my personal experience is otherwise.

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    Two weeks ago I reported that there was a conservative talking point making […]

    • They say you can’t fix stupid. Apparently, you can’t quarantine it, either.

    • The same thing happened with H1N1 swine flu. The number of official cases confirmed by test at the time was 1.6 million, later retrospective analysis suggests there were more like 1.4 billion 3 orders of magnitude higher.


      Fox news pundit Candace Owens cherry picked the larger figure and compared it without explanation to the current test confirmed COVID numbers in order to downplay the seriousness of COVID (no lockdown there, right?) – simultaneously also, Obama guilty (wtf?).

      To put that in context, case fatality rate at the time was estimated by the medical experts at 10x LESS than seasonal flu, plus there was a vaccine ready to use 6 months later.

      I am certain that we are still only seeing the tip of the iceberg here, plus of course – it’s not over.

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    Today’s video has everything: pandemics, misinformation, libel lawsuit t […]

    • “your chances of getting it is about 1 in 4,000. ”
      Yeah but, people can’t do conditional probability. That’s worldwide. So in March for my city of ~1 million there were 300 cases so that’s 1 in ~3300. Then there were 35 in my council area of 100.000 so that was about the same.

      Okay but there was more, that was KNOWN cases so all those had been isolated – how many left in the general community? Well Germany recently did a study showing that in areas near an outbreak there were 10 times that number of asymptomatic cases in the community. I trust German and Australian figures because we were during March among the top 4 testing countries in the world along with South Korea and Russia.

      So that was 1 in 330, but hang on, there was more….those were the odds for a SINGLE person to person interaction.
      How many people was I gonna pass by in the supermarket each week? How many weeks was this gonna last? Odds were high, almost certain to get infected eventually!

      Being over 60 if things got as bad as Italy, I would not even make the cut for a ventilator,so that is when I decided to stay inside. Odds were still with me but consequences could be fatal so not fear but just common sense.

      Australia is STILL not going to begin easing restrictions for at least another month btw, despite being a month past peak and right down to 50 cases a day. This with a conservative PM but in this case he ALWAYS follows the advice of the Chief Medical Officer and realises that revival of Da ‘Conomy depends entirely on ending the outbreak.

    • Speaking of Da “Conomy…I wish somebody would call out all the BS about it being wrecked.
      The S&P500 index is down about 18% rn which is not even a technical recession!

      This is a level we have not seen since…..June last year! Shock, horror!

      So “Conomy is burbling along quite nicely at ~80% of full capacity, as in Australia and China. Neither US nor Australia have a full lockdown, despite what anybody says.

      I can tell you right now we are exporting hundreds of megatons of iron ore to the Godless Reds at $85/ton, a price not seen since….Early February this year! Oh Woe!

      Sure, travel is down, consumer discretionary retail is down, but consumer staples are way up and tech is up – Amazon posted a record share price this week.

      I thought the beauty of capitalism was that it could quickly adapt to new situations of supply and demand?

      Anyway, liberals are missing a golden opportunity to payback all the COVID minimisation here.

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    Content warning! I’m going to talk about sexual assault, and also there’s no […]

    • Voting for the lesser sleeze is still voting for a sleeze. It is moral compromise by degrees. There comes a point when one must acknowledge that there are no good choices. I don’t know when it happened, but at some point in the US we have come to find ourselves in an inverse “Buridan’s Ass.” Instead of finding ourselves placed equidistant between two identical piles of hay, we find ourselves faced with two morally repugnant choices. Would you rather perish from syphilis or from antibiotic-resistant gonorrhea?

      The difference between corporate Democrats and what the GOP has become is that corporate Democrats would wring their hand more if they thought for a second that Trumpish policies would help their backers and stock portfolio. To use a vulgar metaphor corporate Dems will at least try to use lubricant before doing the deed to the populace of the United States.

      • People used to think the Earth was flat. They were wrong.
        Other people used to think the Earth was a sphere. They were also wrong.
        If you think the second group of people were just as wrong as the first group of people, then you are more wrong than either of them.

        It is people like you who will perpetrate mass murder for the sake of “principle”. I have no use nor patience with people like you any more.

    • In my opinion, unless you’ve got the kind of personal history Rebecca describes, where voting for a rapist or harasser would be traumatic, withholding your vote isn’t helping anything but your view of yourself. Let’s say (because it’s true) that the system is fucked, and we need a complete overhaul to make sure we get better candidates, with the ability to elect them in a way that is easy and fair for all eligible voters. Under whom would that process be easier? Because if you think it’s Trump, you’re not even wrong. You’re on another planet. Don’t get me wrong, I’m still not gonna judge you for not voting because you can’t bring yourself to vote for Biden, regardless of your reasons. We all have choices in life to make. But I would hope that you would at least understand the effect of your choices on everyone else.

    • Evidence Casts Doubt on Tara Reade’s Sexual Assault Allegations of Joe Biden

      View at Medium.com

    • I believe you’ve said you’re in CA. Your vote won’t tilt the electoral vote but will just affect the totals so no matter what Mr Buzz says your lack of a vote for Creepy Uncle Joe isn’t mass anything. It’s the electoral college at work and it isn’t going to change anytime soon.

      I live in AZ so he gets my unenthusiastic vote since this is a swing state. Fortunately there is optional vote by mail here so I won’t be risking my life to vote. Dying to vote for a man who used to be called ‘The Senator from MBNA ‘ is just too much.

    • Keep in mind that Trump used foreign aid to Ukraine and the State and Justice Departments to extort the Ukraine to investigate the Bidens, in order to tilt the upcoming election in his favor. There’s only one other Republican who’s ever done something like that before – Nixon.

      My guess is that Trump was going to have Barr follow up the Ukraine Burisma investigation with formal charges against Biden. Which is how they do things in Russia and Ukraine – just ask Alexei Navalny and Yulia Tymoshenko, who spend their lives under constant, politically motivated investigations in what are essentially authoritarian banana republics.

      The alternative to Biden is losing our democracy forever.

    • Tara Reade has been completely discredited.

      Her pattern is plain – she tells people she was sexually assaulted and uses it to gain sympathy, favors, reduced rent, to skip paying rent, to skip bills, etc.

      She couldn’t even work for the damn Census without accusing her supervisors of harassment:

      “Ms. Reade had begun working as a field supervisor for the Census Bureau, but she left after clashing with superiors, whom she accused in a formal complaint of creating a hostile work environment and discriminating against her.”

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    Hey, do you guys mind if I talk a little about coronavirus? I mean I have to, […]

    • Wait a minute! Are you saying coronavirus is NATURAL? Then it must be good for you! Someone please inform Mike Adams and Gwyneth Paltrow.

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    I’m always interested to see the lengths science and reality deniers will go t […]

    • One of the “gotcha” points that is being trotted out is that deaths from seasonal flu and pneumonia have dropped – as if these are being deliberately misreported as COVID. The fact being of course that isolation and distancing has no doubt reduced all sorts of diseases including seasonal flu, traffic accidents, alcohol related violence and that peculiar American epidemic, death by gunshot wounds.

      Some people don’t seem to have got the memo that Trump is now the Great Leader in the Battle against The Virus, so to minimise the odds surely detracts from His Greatness.

    • “But one thing actual scientists can do in the future is look at, for instance, how many people died in New York in March of 2017, 2018, and 2019 and compare it to March of 2020. Then we’ll know the impact COVID-19 had.”

      Here you go, somebody did it!

      Also, as you say, it’s not over yet. We are only one month in. As a vaccine is at least a year away at the very best, lets check the numbers again on April 1st next year. The date seems appropriate somehow.

    • Think of the numbers another way. Australia is 13x smaller than the US and has 60 deaths. Multiply that by 13 and the US should have 780.
      Australia passed its peak of 537 new cases/day on March 22nd and is now down to less than 10% of that (46).

      Read about the Australian response here (Preventive measures):

      Compare to the US response here:

      Timeline of the Coronavirus Pandemic and U.S. Response

      The main difference in Australia was an effective “War Cabinet”system of nationwide command and control by a bipartisan Committee consisting of the PM and the State Premiers representing both Left and Right sides of politics and meeting at least once a week.

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    Hey friends, welcome to week 4 (ish?) of quarantine — for me, at least, […]

    • Nice take, Rebecca.
      For those that might want to make their own mask, this info looks legit:

      Shortage of PPE for frontline medical staff is a worldwide problem. Early panic buying and hoarding by the general public has not helped. Even hospitals are recycling their masks after sterilisation.

    • However as a note of caution, there is this as well:

      Not sure what spray is used but the testing method seems to show up some obvious deficiencies.

    • Last night I remember I had bought a face mask several years ago to use while sanding from a woodworking supply store. I rooted around in the basement and found a barely used (a little dusty) 3M N95 mask! I wore it for the first time on my walk this morning. People were almost all doing a decent job of social (or antisocial?) distancing and probably a little more than half were wearing masks. A couple of times I desperately wanted to scratch my nose, but successfully resisted. Even when I sneezed (spring allergies). Fortunately no one was around to get freaked out at the time, and I think the mask contained it all.

      My one disappointment was encountering a local hero who was walking her dog with her husband. Sadly, they weren’t wearing masks but they were staying 6-10 feet away from other people. Their dog, Bailey, was NOT practicing any sort of social distancing as he almost bowled me over en route to sniffing at the base of the nearest tree. Being a coward, I wimped out about mentioning the masks, and telling Liz how much we desperately need her, and instead made a lame joke about how Bailey must be rooting for burritos. She said “But it was a very good burrito” and laughed and we parted ways.

      I’m experimenting with ways to sterilize my one and only mask, but can’t thing of any way to test it without committing mass murder. I put on a trivet (to keep it from getting wet) in about 1/2′” of water in a medium sauce pan and set it to boiling, lid on, for 5-6 minutes, until almost all the water was gone. The pan was full of steam and the mask was hot and damp but still intact. I hope this works…

      • Hi Buzz! Glad you seem to be doing okay.
        I don’t have the link but a study was done on sterilisation methods for N95 masks and the upshot was to use a warm oven at 75 degrees C for 30 min. This worked OK for 20 uses. Wet methods tend to wreck the special filtration layer.

        Was going to post this before but thought better of it as if the method is wrong or inapplicable in some way to all cases, I didn’t want to be responsible for leading folks up the wrong path. Then again, maybe some info is better than none at all.

        Suffice to say that this source passed my hyper critical, hyper vigilant corona bullshit skeptical radar and my GP wife and I are using this method.

        While I’m here I thought this was a nice message from the Czech republic:-

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    Doing nothing is really, really hard. For awhile I thought this was unique to […]

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    Last week someone asked me if I’d consider doing a video on how to read a s […]

    • Looking at some of the utter garbage and denial of reality spouted on Twitter on the subject of COVID 19, I would say the US is in for a pandemic that will make Italy’s look tiny. This is a tragedy. A rapid nationwide lockdown could have saved a lot of lives and minimised the impact on the economy.

      On the subject of the disease in summer, Australia is now in the 3rd week of autumn with temperatures in the mid to high 20s (C) and very very dry. Our outbreak is still doubling every 3 days so maybe don’t pin too much hope on the weather coming to the rescue.

      Death rates here so far are low due to being one of the highest testing countries in the world and also due to rapid contact tracing and quarantine. Importantly our leaders take a bipartisan view regarding the outbreak. We all look in horror at the shambles in the US.

    • Here’s a good one for you.
      “Swine flu infected 1.4 billion people around the world and killed 575,000 people.
      There was no media panic and society did not shut down.
      Coronavirus has infected less than 478,000 people and killed 22,000 going into April.
      Just a little perspective”

      In over 200 replies only one person picked up that the quoted figures were bogus and inflated nearly1000 fold
      A quick Wikipedia check shows it was officially 6.7 million cases and 20,0000 deaths for swine flu.

      Lack of media panic can probably be attributed to the obsession with the aftermath of the GFC that was going on at the time, which utterly masked the economic impact of swine flu. The true impact of the latter is still unknown but I bet it didn’t help.

      Of course the narrative is that there was no media panic because Obama was president.

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    The Museum of the Bible has admitted to being the victim of a massive fraud: […]

    • Hi, Rebecca:
      First post. I wanted to mention the reason that MotB (aka Hobby Lobby) revealed that their scroll fragments were fake was because they had to. According to several news reports (including The Economist), they exibited their collection in 2017 and immediately raised suspicions; several fragments were found to be fake by Germany’s Federal Institute for Materials Research. They submitted the whole bunch to Art Fraud Insights, LLC for testing. The director, Colette Lott stipulated as part of the contract that AFI would have control over testing and would publish the testing results and make them known to the public.
      The report discusses how the fragments were doctored to appear genuine and how examination showed that some pieces may have been ancient shoe leather. The 214-page report is full of photos and geeky details and the biographies at the end should be an inspiration for anyone going into the fields of archeology or ancient manuscripts.

    • Just saw your video on Dr Richard Carrier.
      Carrier is a piece of work who needs to be brought down.
      He is not only arrogant towards women, but to men too.

      I am an Atheist who claims to have found Jesus in the historical record. My (well-researched) book upsets Christians because my Jesus is a warrior king, and it upsets Richard Carrier because he says Jesus is mythical.
      Jesus, King of Edessa

      Richard Carrier’s response to my reasoned arguments, is to call me “clinically insane” on his ‘Free Thought Blog’. (Not much freedom of thought there…)

      He said:
      … It is devoid of facts and logic. It is, in a word, insane. All further comments trying to defend this insanity will be deleted.
      … Ralph Ellis is another crank (indeed, IMO, genuinely insane).
      … That’s insane. And I mean that seriously. This is paranoia, a form of insanity.
      … (I re-posted as Rod Elliot, as I was deleted from the blog by Carrier, for expressing my Freedom of Thought…!)

      Oh, Jerry Russel was also insane, as were Joe Atwill and Stephen Campbell.
      In fact everyone posting on this blog was insane, except for Carrier…

      Richard Carrier’s Free Thought Blog…

      Atwill’s Cranked-up Jesus

      … (do a search for ‘insane’.)
      … (this archive has managed to delete every ‘y’ for some reason.)

      If this tirade by Carrier is useful in defending anyone against Carrier’s lawsuits, then please let me know. It certainly exposes Carrier’s general demeanour and behaviour. Jerry Russel and Joe Atwill might agree to assist too, as they are not exactly enamored by Richard Carrier.

      Ralph Ellis

      Incidentally, Richard Carrier says:
      The only Jesus the Talmudic rabbis know about died half a century before
      Romans even arrived in Judaea (the only Jesus known in the Talmud was
      killed circa 75 BC)

      Richard Carrier is a respected professional historian, yet he is totally unaware that Jesus is mentioned in the Talmud on several occasions.
      For instance, from Sanhedrin 43.
      Quote: On the eve of the Passover Yeshu the Nazarene was hanged … With Yeshu however it was different, for he was connected with royalty.
      Quote: Our Rabbis taught: Yeshu had five disciples, Matthai, Nakai, Nezer, Buni and Todah.
      It is also widely accepted that Jesus is the character called ben Stada in the Talmud.
      Quote: And this they did to Ben Stada in Lydda, and they hung him on the eve of
      Passover …. The husband was Stada, the paramour Pandira … His mother’s
      name was Stada. But his mother was Miriam, a dresser of woman’s hair? As
      they say in Pumbeditha, This woman has been unfaithful (stath-da) to her
      husband. (Sanhedrin 67a)
      In Aramaic, a ‘Dresser of Ladies’ Hair’ is a play on words with ‘Mary Magdalene’.

      ?>>Richard Carrier says:
      No mention is made of any arms being taken (onto the Mount of Olives).

      Has Dr Carrier ever read the New Testament? Jesus ordered swords to be
      purchased in Luke 22:36. They were delivered to Jesus in Luke 22:38. Jesus
      went to the Mount of Olives in Luke 22:39. And those same swords were used
      on the Mount of Olives in 22:50 to cut off an ear. So why does Prof Richard
      Carrier not know of this?

      Richard Carrier says:
      Jesus is not the high priest in any Gospel narrative.

      Yet Hebrews 7 details how and why Jesus became High Priest. The
      explanation is complex, because Jesus was not a Levite and needed an
      excuse, but luckily Hebrews 3:1 and 8:1 give a summary. The first of these
      says: “Consider the Apostle and High Priest of our profession, Christ Jesus”
      That sounds like a High Priest to me.

      Richard Carrier says:
      There is no revolt in the Gospels.

      Yet Mark 15:7 says, quote:
      “And there was one named Barabbas, which lay bound with them that had
      made revolution with him, who had committed murder in the insurrection.”
      In what way is that not a revolution?

      Richard Carrier says:
      Barabbas was the leader of the revolt, not the
      Gospel Jesus. And Barabbas … is not crucified.

      It appears that Richard Carrier does not know that Barabbas was also called
      Jesus; and that the Koran, the Talmud and the Gospel of Barnabas all say
      there was a switch of characters, and so Jesus was not crucified.

      Richard Carrier says:
      The only Jesus the Talmudic rabbis know about died
      before the Romans arrived in Judaea.

      In addition to the quotes already given in Chapter IX, the Jewish
      Encyclopaedia says:
      “the pseudonym ‘Balaam’ is given to Jesus in Sanh. 106b and Gi?. 57a”
      So Jesus is to be found in the Talmud, under the name ‘Yeshu the Nazarene’
      and under the pseudonym ‘Balaam’. Why does Richard Carrier not know of

      Richard Carrier says:
      The Vulgate Cycle misidentifies Vespasian as the son of Titus.

      If this was not so sad, it would be funny. Here is a professor of history who
      does not know that the Vulgate Cycle has the opposite naming convention
      for the Flavian emperors, to that given by modern scholarship. (Because
      Vespasian and Titus have exactly the same names – Titus Flavius Vespasianus
      Augustus – they can be easily confused). Please see the book King Jesus for

      Richard Carrier says:
      The Vulgate Cycle (calls) Vespasian a leper rather than the emperor.

      It would appear that Richard Carrier does not know that lepros (a leper)
      refers to someone with scales (of a fish). Thus Vespasian (ie: Titus) was being
      identified as a supporter of Christianity, because the symbol of Christianity was
      and is the fish (the Christian Ichthus).

      Do note that in his latest videos, Carrier does now say that the Talmud mentions the biblical Jesus. However, I never received an apology. I am still ‘insane’ for saying that the Talmud mentions the biblical Jesus.

      Good luck…

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    Let’s talk about panic buying. Yeah, I know I’m generally a voice of rea […]

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    God, I’m so tired of talking about, reading about, and thinking about C […]

    • I’ve had alt med and “natural” medicine types tell me that Karason only turned blue from colloidal silver because he made it himself and did it wrong. Pointing out that he’s not the only one gets me nowhere.

    • Next step is combining colloidal silver with homeopathy. Like cures like, so extremely diluted doses of silver will eliminate all wealth from your body. This is the first provable effective homeopathic treatment, ever. It works because you end up sending all your money to Jim Bakker to pay for the “medicine”.

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    Ah, YouTube. My blessing. My curse. The possible cause of the radicalization […]

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