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    As an American who has lived in the United States for the vast majority of my life, I think I can safely say that we’ve got some problems h […]

    • And why should police carry side arms at all? The original notion seems to be that officers don’t want to be shot by armed suspects, hence they should be able to ‘defend themselves’ with deadly force.

      I don’t have source info at my fingertips, but something like 50% of officers who die of gunshot wounds are killed with their own guns. Effective self-defense with pistols requires more training and practice than any police actually receive.

      American police are probably much more likely to BE shot than police in almost any other developed country. Hyper-aggressive ‘control’ policies seem to be the official answer to this, rather than countering the saturation level of guns in the public. Watch dashboard or bodycam vids…the police are screaming unintelligible demands at people while aiming directly at them. I gather that THEY are exposed to multiple vids of cops getting shot because they didn’t ‘control’ a suspect.

      And…didn’t I see somewhere that the most dangerous stops police make are white men in cars without plates? The ‘sovereign citizen’ and white supremacist gun nuts are the real danger.

      The ‘up-arming’ of US police is scandalous too. High capacity 9mil automatics just mean that terrified cops spray 17-21 rounds of ammunition instead of 6. There is no reason for them to tote those things. And para-military gear like AR15s? What possible legitimate use could they have?

      • It’s no surprise at all. People forget when gun control first caught on in this country. It wasn’t on the left. It was Ronald Reagan, taking guns out of the hands of Black Panthers.

        For Indians, our experience has been that everyday racists tend to get creative, doing things like drugging you, driving you up a cliff, wrapping you in a blanket, and throwing you off. Northern Plains nice, you know? (I mean, back in the 70s, they even rented an American Legion hall for a lynching, so, yeah.) But racist cops? They’ve got a gun right there and a hair-trigger sense of fear, which is of course much more racial. (I mean, shooting a naked guy. Where is he going to hide his gun? Don’t answer that.)