• Rebecca Watson wrote a new post, The Problem isn’t Immigrants. It’s Men who Murder Women., on the site Skepchick 1 year, 9 months ago

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    Mollie Tibbetts was a 20-year old woman who was recently murdered in Iowa. Her name is everywhere right now because Donald Trump claims her […]

    • Yeah wow. I could tell the exact point in the story where you really started to get angry and passionate about this.

      If it’s any consolation the situation is very bad here as well. My old man mentioned the other day about how there were so many homeless women on the streets and I pointed out that undoubtedly they were all victims of domestic violence. That stopped him, to his credit he went very quiet.

      Actually no, that all makes it worse not better. Fuck this world.

    • Middle of para 3″ that”=”and” would make sense
      But as a dramatic moment it works well

      By the way do you know I have been following for 10 years now?
      I still regard you as an excellent journalist and a touchstone of good sense with a finger on the pulse of important news.

      Thank you for everything, Rebecca.

    • >The Problem isn’t Immigrants. It’s Men who Murder Women.

      The only way you could have ceded the argument any more is if you argued “The Problem isn’t Immigrants. It’s Humans who Murder Humans”. Also a true statement, but a completely useless one when it comes to policy or even explanation of why this happened. Yours in no better.

      I mean, what is one supposed to do with a blanket statement that implicates 3.7 billion people and half the population?

      >Of course, many anti-immigration fascists like Candace Owens have seized upon this opportunity to go on a full-on public relations blitz

      They did. But how is that different than what you’re doing? You’re supposed be a dispassionate objective skeptic. Instead, you’re as ideological as they are except they could actually attach a policy to their (flawed) argument – you can’t because there is no policy or strategy you can implement to target 3.7 billion people. Men aren’t going anywhere.

      • You’re (somewhat) right, but only somewhat. In Minnesota about two decades ago, it wasn’t just whites involved in human trafficking and gang rape of Indian women, Somalis were as well.

        But don’t forget about the white traffickers and rapists. It was the Somalis who added clitoridectomy to the mix as well, though.

        It’s not exactly PC to say it, because it’s one of those “we love you until you open your mouth” things white liberals love to do, the things intersectionality was supposed to fight but was ultimately subsumed by.

      • “there is no policy or strategy you can implement to target 3.7 billion people”

        Yes there is. You can educate boys to be respectful of women. I did it and it’s not hard.

        • >You can educate boys to be respectful of women.

          You sound enlightened. Not like the rest of us that are taught to disrespect women … especially in context of the article which dealt with the abduction and murder of a woman.

          But OK, I’ll bite, how do you craft a global policy to “educate boys to be respectful of women”?