• Rebecca Watson wrote a new post, The Religion of QAnon, on the site Skepchick 1 year, 8 months ago

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    I’ve mentioned a little bit about QAnon in previous videos without going into much about what it is, and who “Q” is — I’ve only talked […]

    • I may have told this one before but one of the great moments in the 70s was when some psychic predicted a massive tidal wave and the Premier of the State went down to the main pier of the State Capital on the actual day in question along with thousands of people.

      Needless to say the watery Armageddon failed to materialise and a whole bunch of people had their skeptical viewpoint reinforced for great justice.

    • Yeah, even most /x/ folks seem to know they’re a con.

      Plus, the metaphor doesn’t make sense. Bakers don’t assemble crumbs to make a cake.

      Granted, they’re not the first ones to use bad metaphors. *cough*the entirety of The World is Flat by the only guy even more disconnected from reality than Trumpsters*cough*