• Rebecca Watson wrote a new post, Elizabeth Warren is Not Native American, on the site Skepchick 1 year, 7 months ago

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    On July 5th of this year, Donald Trump announced that he would pay a million dollars to the charity of Elizabeth Warren’s choice if she took a D […]

    • Thank you. I took one look at how the more toxic Dems *cough*Daily Kos*cough* were handling this, and yeah, unsurprisingly, everyone but Meteor Blades was attacking Meteor Blades and using a commercial genealogy site as if it was an official statement from the Cherokee.

      To be fair, Trump could very well be the first Indian POTUS. Of course, more for the nepotism than anything. Reneging on every deal he’s ever made is there too.

      (And now I’m stealing from Trevor Noah’s “Trump is the first African POTUS” joke, but it’s better than what I had written out which plagiarized Lenny Bruce instead.)

    • She didn’t actually claim to be Cherokee in the Law directory, she just checked the box that said “Native American”. It listed “Cherokee” after her entry in her cousin’s cookbook, but that is most likely the cousins doing, not Warren’s.

      My last name is derives from German, my family came from Germany and as such I was simply mad for all things German when I was in middle school. I have told people a thousand times that my family comes from Germany. But on the other hand, my family left Germany 10 generations ago. The whole concept of genealogy is virtually meaningless past the first “Great-” stage, if it ever meant anything at all.

      The whole issue is simply a proxy for honesty, and Warren believed the things she said when she said them. How much more honest can you get than that.