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    One of the fun things about having existed in the 1990s is that many of your favorite musicians from the era are now either dead or insane. […]

    • I love this. UFO ologists, Doomsday preppers, Conspiracy theorists all have one thing in common, they are fixated on their own theory and go to the nth degree to live the dream, never mind that each dream is totally mutually exclusive of all the others.

      So like with the Doomsday guys, they will prepare for one particular type of Armageddon and ignore all the others. Like there was one guy who would bury caches of food and weapons on islands in a swamp. But then others will prepare in the mountains for the global tsunami and yet others swear by their bunkers for the nuclear option.

      It’s not hard to think up a list of ten Doomsday scenarios but I have yet to see anybody who successfully prepares for more than one of them because by definition you cannot.

      Yet scientifically proven global warming is a leftist conspiracy, yes sir, no doubt about that.

    • ‘Twould be more accurate to say “If they do exist, they either can’t get to Earth or are staying the hell away from Earth.” It’s a huge universe. I can fully understand why all intelligent life would stay away from a planet _insert jeremiad about how narcissistic, obsessed with conspicuous consumption, obsessed with celebrity, and listens to self-styled “experts” who don’t know a damned thing about what they’re talking about_.