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    Designer babies! No, I’m not talking about babies wearing, like Burberry or Badgley Mischka or…I’m sorry, I don’t know any designer cloth […]

    • You gotta just love a so called Scientist who publishes his results as a You Tube video.
      Fortunately the Chinese National Health Commision is investigating.
      They take such matters very seriously.
      He will be lucky to escape punishment even more draconian than your excellent proposal.

      • Chinese government interested in truth. Good luck with that one.

        TBH, He is disturbing for reasons beyond the mere ethical concerns of this case. We’re dealing with a resurgence of eugenics, and it antedates Trump’s interest in politics. (TBH, most of the eugenists were on the Clinton side. Just like the neocons and a bunch of other old enemies of mine.)

    • Update, He is under house arrest and could face the death penalty:-

      The Chinese Government takes a very dim view of corruption.