• Rebecca Watson wrote a new post, The Joy of Smacking Down Pseudoscience, on the site Skepchick 1 year, 5 months ago

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    I talk about p-hacking all the time — that’s the thing where a scientist manipulates their data to make it look like they got a s […]

    • Huh, good on you for calling out this BS, Rebecca.
      Of course, we have Joy of Cooking just like your folks.

      I also have a whole bunch of classic recipes from my mother, grandmother and great grandmother going back to the turn of the 19th century because guess what, I like the old classics.

      News flash, I can get fat or get thin on the old recipes as easily as with new ones, according to how much I eat.
      Fuckn Nobel Prize winning research here, I must publish.

      Now, how do I upload to You Tube again?

    • I think the ob/gyn gives out copies of What to Expect when You’re Expecting as well. So, I’m guessing your mom has that book too.

      I’m guessing Wasink is popular with the National Restaurant Association? I mean, assuming they’re not still denying the connection between calories ingested and weight gain. (Or with modern science, possibly specifically carbohydrate, since insulin is the weight-gain hormone.)