• Rebecca Watson wrote a new post, New Report Claims Weed Helps You Lose Weight! Not So Fast…, on the site Skepchick 1 year, 4 months ago

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    New year, new you! Old you was lazy and dumb. New you is productive and smart! And of course, old you was fat while new you is sexxxy. […]

    • So many studies of weight loss fail because of self reporting in which people are bound to fool themselves. In fact if calorie intake AND usage is not strictly monitored in a weight loss study, it can have no scientific value at all.

      This is why I weep at so many of the Michael Mosely documentaries, which would otherwise be interesting – the opportunity was right there, they had a good idea, they had the volunteers, but usually they manage to flub it in some way.

      IDK, fuckin doctors, they look like scientists, they talk like scientists, but as Einstein said, there isn’t a single scientist among them.

      Speaking of which, in the last study, where was the control group??

    • But also, umm, where can I sign up as a volunteer for one of these cannabis studies? XD

    • I believe cannabis users have a higher caloric intake.

    • If a study measures ‘x’ and finds it statistically insignificant, reporting that fact obviates the need to answer “Yabbut, did you consider/measure ‘x’?” over and over again.

      • Yes. It may just mean that larger numbers are needed.
        A statistically insignificant effect may still be important.

    • I think smoking weed makes you eat more a lot!