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    Writing for Forbes, Avivah Wittenberg-Cox says that the female leaders of […]

    • I am glad you called out Wittenberg-Cox on this, I mean, she raised some good points but took it too far.
      As you say, the only way we can really criticise will be in retrospect, and it’s far too early to be awarding the COVID gold medals yet. This is pobably not a good way to make an argument that will stand the test of time.

      As far as I can see the country with the best record so far is Vietnam, a country of nearly 100 million and zero deaths.
      Many fascist states in Eastern Europe have done quite well with this outbreak but I wouldn’t want to live under their regimes.

      As Obama said, good people can do bad things and bad people can do good things.

      I personally have a deep suspicion of all politicians, male or female. Their lust for power sets them apart from most of us and while aggression and anger may be stereotypical male characteristics, women can be equally toxic, they just have a different way of showing it.

    • Hmm Charlotte Seck claims plagiarism of her original article:

    • twitter post deleted dammit! Who knows where the truth lies…

    • I was thinking about some of the bosses I have had. Best were Albert (M), Lorraine (F), Maryanne (F), Terry (M).

      While Lorraine and Maryanne were a lot sexier than Albert and Terry, who cared when we were in the middle of a project? We just needed someone to keep us on track and get us the resources we needed.

    • Dear Rebecca, my wife and daughter rather liked Wittenberg-Cox’s idea that female leaders might handle a crisis of this type better than a typical male leader. When I foolishly jumped in with comments that echoed your own, they didn’t argue with me, simply stared at me silently for a few moments and then changed the subject.

      In regard to your statement: “Women aren’t magical fairies here to improve the world.” I would like to say that your argument is prosaically correct, but my personal experience is otherwise.