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    A few years ago…wait, sorry, hours? Days. I think it was a few weeks ago […]

    • Presence of antibodies may not protect against reinfection, depending on the titer, so a simple qualitative test is fairly useless except to indicate prior exposure to the disease. It could be handy to know if asymptomatic = low titer but nobody knows this yet.

    • Also I just checked, Australia had 1.4 million Chinese tourists last year, staying for an average 11 days, pro rata that’s about 3800/day, comparable to yours.

      Because of aggressive testing we know that even now our rate of community transmission is very low. You reckon we would miss something from November? I mean 3 cases from Ruby Princess turned into 100 within a fortnight.

      20 deaths from that btw, we got MOST of our cases from the US, we ought to sue the US govt for their incompetence in all this. Chinese, otoh, handled the outbreak in exemplary fashion as far as we are concerned. So Republicans can stick that up their ass along with their light sabers.

    • I have seen reporters make a point of saying that some person that they quote wasn’t involved with the research that they are commenting on, if that is the case. I can recall noticing that many times over the last few years in the larger, reputable publications when they are writing about recent research developments. I think that some of the better news editors and publications have trained their reporters to be careful about this.