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    In previous videos I’ve debunked conservative Americans’ claim that the gov […]

    • Ha! You read my mind! Hungary is the exact “nasty little dictatorship” I had in mind in my comment to a previous post about women leaders being good at managing the pandemic.

      Generalising about good government from a single metric is logically shaky and easily refuted.

      But the analogy with Trump is spot on. Another term with him and the US is going to degenerate from being the respected leader of the western world into being an irrelevant laughing stock.

    • While we’re at it it perhaps you could explain something for me.

      How can COVID-19 be , at the same time:
      1. A weaponised virus engineered as a bioweapon in a lab in Wuhan and deliberately targeted against the US
      2. Fake News, a Democrat hoax, no worse than the flu but overblown by Democrats (and presumably, like, the whole rest of the World) in a conspiracy to take away Guns, Freedoms and Free Speech?

    • I think Covid-19 is ideal for an aspiring dictator. Emergency powers are needed, fear of strangers and banning gatherings. It doesn’t get any more opportune than that. It’s both our despair and good fortune to have a mental patient running the US. Despair since any kind of intelligent and coherent response was beyond the feds. Good fortune since seizing an opportunity for anything other than short sight sighted graft and angry tweets is beyond him.