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    Last month I mentioned that conservatives were using talking points from John […]

    • Ouch! No link to the Buzzfeed article?

    • Mm no, this attempt to downplay fails because the deaths remain the same while the number of infections is far greater than anybody suspected.
      So the epidemic has spread way further than anybody suspected based on the late and inadequate PCR testing – what a surprise.
      This is why the US has reached not a peak but a plateau of new cases/day which is going to take months to decrease to a reasonable level.
      idk how contact tracing can be done with such numbers, does the US even do that? I imagine all the MAGAS would refuse to cooperate or bullshit and lie outright.
      Point 2 if anybody is hoping for herd immunity, 60% is the target level so even New York with 20% antibodies is going to have to do it all over again twice more to reach that level. Levels will be far lower outside the immediate “ground zero” of the epicenters.
      If you look at Sweden which is the golden boy of herd immunity fans, with their official case numbers of 500/day, it’s gonna take something like nearly 40 years to reach that 60% target. So yeah, I hope their antibody frequency IS at least 10X greater than these official figures might indicate.
      Also I hope that “antibody positive” means protective type and levels of antibody sufficient to confer actual immunity to a decent slug of corona in the real world!
      Not to mention, I hope that hypothetical immunity lasts til the second wave in the fall and the third next year….