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    As you all know, we are in the darkest, stupidest timeline, so it’s hard to s […]

    • Somehow I don’t feel like this answered the question at all. It feels more like some kind of straw man built on outliers. Or public shaming. It doesn’t really explain why people believe what they do, but if I believe what you’re saying it’s because they’re just bad people.

      Side note: Google image search results for “shameful straw men” are surprisingly tame.

    • OT but I thought you might like to see what happens when a New Zealand minister violates quarantine. You can also see why the Prime Minister is getting some high ratings. She does well in / earthquakes too.

    • “Areas like mine here in the San Francisco Bay Area who sheltered in place early have seen the completely not-shocking result of fewer deaths per 100,000 people”

      Yes exactly. They found the same thing in Europe too, as this graph shows:

      Plus, you are right that “lockdown” is used too loosely, in Germany for instance, they could go out, but were not supposed to congregate. “Shelter in place” is much more accurate.

    • Another thing – with the Spanish Flu epidemic of 1918 States or cities that went back to” business as usua”l too soon fared worse economically than those who addressed the health problem first. This point cannot be made strongly enough.