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    In my previous video, I talked about the completely baseless conspiracy theory […]

    • Conditions in the Tenderloin, the streets full of tents and raw sewage on the pavement. They have nothing to do with Newsome NOT leaving the state, or Republican dystopian fantasies about states with grown-ups deciding pandemic policy. And you DID get to the matter eventually. But when I shared this, I heard back right away from a friend who escaped to Hayward from a Tenderloin SRO hotel. Of course, they described you as ‘privileged.’

      • I mean, I literally mentioned the huge problems in the Tenderloin and elsewhere so I’m not clear on what else you want me to do.

        • I don’t know either. You did get there. But my SRO dwelling friend didn’t think it was enough. Sure, California and SF quarantine are yonks beyond conditions in red states. But SF’s housing and homelessness are just SO bad that its hard not to be distracted.