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    Before we get into today’s video, let me just state for the record that b […]

    • Seeing as the whole nation was founded by a very violent demonstration that turned into a full scale war, and that is generally seen as a Good Thing, I don’t see the difference.

    • But look, we lock up Aboriginal Australians at 4 times the rate you do to African Americans and deaths in custody are an absolute disgrace as this article shows
      So this is not just a US problem.
      Personally I reckon non violent protests are the way to go, otherwise the moral high ground is lost, but I can fully see why others may feel differently.

    • amm1 replied 2 months ago

      The problem with the discussions about whether riots are “effective” or advisable is that they miss the point.

      People don’t riot because they’ve got some strategy in mind. They’re not rational acts

      Riots are acts of despair. They happen when a population starts to feel powerless, that nothing they can do will improve their situation. And smashing and burning at least give you the feeling that you have some power, even if it’s only the power to destroy. This is what both MLK and Malcolm X were trying to say, though of course the white press (= the MSM) turned it into “they’re agitating for riots.” (Which they’re still doing.)

      And BTW, they do have an effect. I remember the “long hot summer” (1964?) I remember that the white folks started to feel some fear, that maybe the people they’d kept under the bootheel would boil up out of their inner-city prison camps and start rampaging over their manicured lawns in their exclusive (whites-only, and maybe goy-only, too) neighborhoods. I recall an editorial cartoon showing LBJ fearfully painting “soul brother” on the gateposts in front of the White House. Everyone said that the rioting was counterproductive. But we did see some progress on the civil rights front, at least for a while. I think that the white folks started to worry about what might happen if they didn’t do something to mollify “those people.” I think if there hadn’t been those riots, we would have seen absolutely no progress in the last 50 years. We wouldn’t even see lip-service to the idea of racial equality.