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    When I was a kid just learning about computers, I remember reading up on […]

    • Small correctoin: “Dismissed with prejudice” means that they *cannot* file the charge again. If it was dismissed but the police was free to charge him again, then it was dismissed *without* prejudice.

    • Machine Learning is considered a subset of AI, so it technically does count as AI, although not what most people think of.

      I do not have a high opinion of the cat study. Models do not perform well when given data so far outside of the distribution that they were trained for; this is not new or surprising. It’s not even a good criticism unless you’re supplying data that the model would be applied to in practice. I think the paper was rightfully retracted. But it is funny and illustrates a larger point, and don’t think you were wrong to bring it up.

    • > They made an algorithm that can look at a picture of your face and tell you how likely you are to commit a crime.

      Sounds like phrenology all over again…