• Rebecca Watson wrote a new post, Eric Hovind: What’s the Difference Between God & Santa?, on the site Skepchick 5 years, 5 months ago

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    Eric Hovind’s “challenge”

    I was tipped off about the new charges by PZ

    Here’s the indictment info

    Also there’s this

    Sort-of transcript:

    Eric Hovind is […]

    • Rebecca Watson,

      Santas is not real? OMG you destroyed my life!!! I have nothing left to live for!!! Aaaahhhhh! 😉

    • That was such an Apologetics 101 fail that even Ken Hamm facepalmed.

    • Ooh! North Pole, Alaska!

      Jon Ronson had a great (if somewhat depressing) chapter about North Pole, Alaska and the child slave laborers forced to answer all the letters to Santa in the September Skepchick Book Club selection, Lost at Sea”

    • The Grounded Parents went back and forth in our inaugural season on the usefulness of the Santa story.

      R.I.P Santa

      In Defense of Santa Claus and Unicorn Poop

      A Wolf In Santa’s Clothing

      And I’m sure we’ll have more to say as the War on Christmas season commences!

    • KITTY!

    • You know what? When belief in Santa is used as an excuse to limit my rights to bodily integrity or to force other women to veil themselves under threat of pain or death, I’ll protest Santa. Otherwise, the comparison is facile.

      Also, Hovind accuses atheists of being hypocrites about 5 seconds after saying that it’s okay to protest those “other” religions but not the “true” Christianity. I mean. “Irony” is not like goldy but for iron.

    • I’m so glad I live in a culture where this isn’t an issue. Young kids know Santa is real, because he comes in person to give out a few presents. Bigger kids know Santa is actually their uncle, because they recognise the boots, and figure out that it’s too much of a coincidence that he’s just happened to have been in the bathroom the exact time Santa shows up for several years running. Well, maybe not that last part, noticing anything other than Santa arriving is a bit too much to ask of them. But they figure it out fairly young, and parents aren’t tempted to lie to them all that much to keep the non-existence of Santa a secret.

    • For some reason I want to write a letter to Eric Hovind insisting that Santa is real, that I’ve been getting presents since childhood, and that I have children that I constantly shame for imaginary slights that have offended Santa. I’ll include a few unnecessary details defending both my moral record and the authenticity of my Santa visits.

    • When one of my awesome nieces had just turned 3 (birthday in early December), she and her little sister were raising a commotion running around the house. My brother told them “If you two don’t stop it, I’m going to call Santa and tell him to skip this house.” She replied “That would be impossible.” He said “What do you mean?” She, figuring she needed to use smaller words,
      said “You would be unable to do it.” “Why not?” She thought a bit and said,
      “Well, you could do it, but it would be like talking to a doll.”

      She needs to talk to Eric Hovind.

    • yeah because believing in santa requires an ideology that promotes misogyny