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    Exactly. But, as donboc pointed out…maybe bad things happen to odd people would be a better way of putting it? I work with survivors of sexual violence. He was raped. I am not comfortable putting rape on a scale of bad to worst. I refuse to question his rape, simply because he put himself in a vulnerable situation. Can a prostitute be raped? A…[Read more]

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    Love your post, but I work for an anti-hunger organization, so I feel the need to set the record straight. Many food pantries have a wide variety of foods available beyond pumpkin and discarded box meals. Most Food Banks now purchase the majority of their foods for distribution at whole sale costs rather than rely on donation drive food.

    • Many, but perhaps not all, or even most? In my observation while volunteering at pantries and in the observations of people I’ve spoken to, most recently after an excellent panel at WisCon called “The Politics of Being Poor,” the vast majority of food pantry offerings are nutritional middleweights at very best (and often pretty awful). My point…[Read more]